Middle School Library E-News

September 13, 2013

Earn Contact Hours!

The Hubbard School Library program will be offering free workshops to assist staff with learning new technology and programs. Staff can earn contact hours by attending these events. All workshops are held after school from 2:30-3:00pm in the Middle School Media Center.

Workshops will include:

Google Calendar (9/18/13)

Getting the Most out of Study Island (date to be announced)

Using Discovery Education in your Classroom (date to be announced)

Go Green! -- Learn how students can submit work electronically (date to be announced)

Google Calendar Workshop Events

"I don't get it!"

Do you feel that signing up for a COW or computer lab online is not as simple as it sounds? Well, you are not alone. Google Calendars can be tricky to navigate. Let us guide you around the quirks of this program and help you to start using Google Calendars without hitting any more bumps in the road.

A Google Calendar workshop will be held afterschool in the Middle School Media Center on 9/18 from 2:30-3:00pm. The workshop will include hands-on training and assistance with creating calendar events.

If you would like to attend this workshop please sign up in the Media Center.

Middle School and Elementary School Media Center Resources

Below are links to the Middle School Media Center resources and the Elementary School Media Center resources.

Please disregard any email you receive from an event you create on any of the Media Center resource calendars saying that your event was declined.