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Present Time

This story takes place in the present. The time period does not play an important role in the plot development.

Hidden Talents by David Lubar

This is a story about a boy, Martin Anderson, who is kicked out of so many schools that he ends up at Edgeview, the last place for delinquents like him to go. But while he is there, he discovers something astonishing. Many of his classmates have hidden talents that they didn't know about!

Meet the Students

Below, each picture represents the talent or characteristics of the main students.
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Martin Anderson

And of course we have Martin, the main character, new to Edgeview, who doesn't have a nickname yet. He is the one who discovers his classmate's talents. Martin is the brains behind finding and controlling the talents discovered and the ¨coach¨ as his friends say. But does he have a talent himself?
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The Mood/Atmosphere

The characters play an important role in developing the reader's idea of the setting. These students are all in the last place for them to go since they have been expelled from all other school options. To the main character, Martin, this is all very unknown and knew to him, making it frightening at the beginning. The other characters have been at Edgeview for a while, so they are quite familiar with everything that happens. Overall, it is a very simple looking school. Full of delinquents, the atmosphere is somewhat daunting. But as Martin befriends his fellow students, the tone changes. They begin looking into these hidden talents, and the mood is nothing but curiosity, collaboration, and the reader can tell how intrigued the characters are in their recent discovery.
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Key Places

This story takes place in one main location the entire time. This is because the characters are stuck there, so the reader is, too. As the plot develops, the reader becomes more familiar with the setting. The main place this story takes place is at Edgeview Alternative School. However, the characters sneak out into the town and Martin receives letters from home. Listed below are the places inside and out of the school where the story occurs.

  • Martin's home- his family writes him letters from here
  • Martin and Torchie's dorm
  • Various classrooms
  • The library where Martin and his friends meet and study or discuss the talents
  • Many scenes, especially with Bloodbath take place in the hallways
  • The town around Edgeview where the character's sneak out to. The people of the town fear those students.

Effects of the Setting

The setting has a very large effect on the characters and the plot.


It is because of the setting that the characters have the outlook on school that they do. They are in the last school that will take them, and there are many instances when they don't want to be there. Being a school where the students live on campus, it makes some of them miss their families. As the talents are discovered, Martin and his friends are persistent to keep digging into their theory because it could help them get out of Edgeview. None of the students can actually help what they get kicked out of schools for because it is a hidden talent that they cannot control.


The setting also influences the plot greatly. A few scenarios where this is apparent are as follows. The students sneak out of the school to go into town where they hang out in the arcade. There are two social studies class options, so Martin chooses the interactive one, developing the plot line because Martin meets new people and continues his streak of poor behavior towards his teachers. Lastly, the characters stay in dorms and this causes Martin to befriend his assigned roommate Torchie, thus leading to his friend group that he associates with the entire story.
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