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Thursday 25th of September 2014

Dear Area 31 Entrepreneurs and Friends

The present edition of the Venture Lab is quickly reaching the end, with its final pitch boot camp coming up this week. At the same time, we're already preparing the next edition. Are you still looking for a team with whom to apply? The last Team Building session is this Wednesday!
The European Venture Philanthropy Association will host their country meeting in Area31 under the heading Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment. And Professor Peter Bryant will teach creativity to the participants in MIT+ Vision: Frontiers in biomedical innovation. Finally, on our blog you can learn about Online Education for Professionals.


Wonnova presents its last Gamification solutions

Monday 29 September 2014
Location: Area 31

Wonnova's management team will introduce the audience to the features and functionality of these two products: Woost: designed to change web users' experience and Woost events, product that will shake live events up thanks to gamification. Register here.

EVPA Country Meeting

Tuesday 30 September 2014
Location: Area 31

The European Venture Philanthropy Association - EVPA will hold a workshop in Madrid for organisations interested in or practicing venture philanthropy and social investment in Spain. By learning from concrete experiences from different sectors (e.g. Foundations, Banks, Social Investment Funds), funders are invited to engage in an active exchange of ideas and knowledge to increase the social impact of their investees and to better apply VP and SI principles to their practices. Learn more

MIT+ Vision: Frontiers in biomedical innovation

Tuesday 30 September 2014
Location: Area 31

This course, geared towards technologists who may have no prior exposure to entrepreneurship, will introduce the topics of creativity and organized value creation. Students will develop the fundamental attitudes and skills required to identify unmet customer needs, and the opportunities they represent. It is a private course for students enrolled in the MIT+Vision program.

Venture Lab Team Building

Wednesday 1 October 2014
Location: Area 31

The team is a decisive factor in determining a project's viability. Are you interested in participating in IE Business School's Venture Lab? Do you not have all key roles filled for your startup or are looking for a startup project to join? If so, we strongly advise you to participate in the Team-Building Workshop. Register by emailing

Venture Network

Thursday 2 October 2014
Location: Area 31

Come and join our weekly informal gathering for startups, investors and anyone interested in entrepreneurship. This pitch slam, in a casual setting over beers, is perfect to focus on what’s important: building relationships, practicing and improving. Find more info and register to pitch here.

Venture Lab Session: Pitch Bootcamp

Friday 3 October 2014
Location: Area 31

Private sessions for participants in IE Business School's Venture Lab accelerator.

Emzingo Annual Gathering

Saturday 4 October 2014
9:00 - 20:00
Location: Area 31

Founded by IE Alumni, Emzingo is a personal development company focused inspiring responsible leadership of individuals and within corporations, maximizing the long-term value for society. This is a private gathering of the Global Emzingo team.


4º Investors Forum by MIT Enterprise Forum Spain

Registration Deadline 5 October 2014
Event: Valencia, 13 November 2014

Speed networking opportunity for startups to meet investors in a series of 7min pitches. There will be 50 startups and 20 investors both from Spain and abroad. In addition the selected startups get to attend the EmTech Conference. Learn more and apply here.

Eureka! Road to Enterprise

Registration Deadline-29th September

Eureka! provides a platform for potential ideas and early stage start-ups to evaluate their idea in the risk-free environment of a competition and this year, the teams will be competing for prizes worth INR 4.5 million which also includes an opportunity to win a trip to the E-Bootcamp, BASES, Stanford. This is Asia's largest Business-Plan Competition Learn More

What level of financial literacy is needed to become an entrepreneur?

Are you are entrepreneur or plan to become one? Your participation in the latest research of IE Business School will help us understand the relationship between financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Your answers to this 10 minute survey will be highly valuable for our research. You can find more info about this project and the survey in the following link (English/Spanish language options available)


Online Education for Professionals

A post by Fernando Dal Re, cofounder of Pupilum

Education is mandatory for the first few years of our lives, and then it is not uncommon to keep on studying until your mid twenties. After that, we spend around forty years working, where learning happens, at its best, on the job. Yet science and technology are continuously evolving and demand us new skills and abilities to meet with the requirements that these innovations carry with them. ¿But how can we update our knowledge if we spend most part of our days, and lives, working?

See more.


The use of Area 31 as a coworking space will be limited during the following days:
  • Monday Sept 29th, 19:00-21:00, half of the space will be available for coworking.
  • Tuesday Sept 30th, 9:00-19:00, half of the space will be available for coworking
  • Wednesday Oct. 1st, 19:00-21:00, half of the space will be available for coworking
  • Friday Oct. 3rd, 16:00-19:00, half of the space will be available for coworking
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