Survival Guide Appalachian Montains

By Nazareth Sanchez

Location, Geography and Climate

My plane crashed in the Appalachian Mountains in North America. It is temperate right now, with 50 degrees ferinhiet. It's freezing cold in the winter, but very hot in the summer.

Four steps needed to survive

1. If it's cold take many jackets, sweaters.

2. If it's cold bring a lot of water, or find a stream, river, or pond for fresh water, also bring food.

3. Bring protection armor for black bears, bobcats, coyotes, wolves and snakes.

4. Look for a safe place to rest or sleep.

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Animal Life

There are many animals in the Appalachian mountains so watch out for black bears, bobcats, snakes and any other animals that look harmful. One animal that you can eat if you have no food, is the black bear. Yet it will be hard to catch. Black bears are very harmful, dangerous and can kill you.
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Plant life

Many plants are Azalea's, Fir tree's, Mountains Laurel's, Non of these are harmful. Don't eat them they are not for you to eat.
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