How I lived as a Newsie

A True Story

How I became a Newsie

Hi my name is Pete; Pete Walker. A lot of people ask me how life was as a newsie now that I'm grown and married. I'll tell you what it was like. I grew up in New York. My parents died in a streetcar accident when I was ten, so I was put in a boys home. Most of the guys' parents had either gone out west and never came back or were dead. Everybody in the boys home was a newsie thats how we made our living. Everyday we went to Pulitzer's to buy all of our newspapers to sell them.


Us boys and few girl newsies never had the easiest time finding clothes that weren't to shabby. Sometimes we wore clothes that we stole off of the clothes lines. A few of us jus passed our clothes down to younger newsies that we knew; thats how I got most of my clothes; from older orphaned newsies.

Before, Then, and Now

Before my parents died I loved my life. It was easy and cheerful. I never had to worry about anything; except getting caught for tossing Lucifer our cat down the laundry shoot. When I was a newsie life was much harder. I had to sell all of my papers otherwise I had to eat what I didn't sell that day. Also I had to be careful of the police when i cheated someone while selling newspapers. Now I am married to Milly Ronalds. My life is much better than it was when I lived in the boys home. I have two kids and I make sure that they will never have to work as a newsie. For those were the worst years of my life.