World Religion Project: Sikhism

by nikoli alsman


Sikhism is a religion created by Guru Nanak in the late 5th century. He was told in a vision by Ik Onkar that Islam and Hinduism are one. Now there are more then 22,999,999 people practicing Sikhism today.

Main Beliefs

The main belief of Sikhism is that every person is created equal. They also have a list of rules called the 5 ks:

Kesh: You should not cut your hair because hair harness's spiritual energy

Kangha: You must come twice a day and wear a turban to promote cleanliness

Kara: You need to wear an iron bracelet to symbolize life as never ending.

Kirpan: You need a kind of dagger to defend the weak and promote justice

Kachhera: You need to wear cotton underwear for self control and show rape is bad

some art and artifacts

current events in Sikhism

on September 30, 2012, general Kuldip Singn Brar was slashed in the throat by 5 Sikh extremists. three others also succeed to kill a prime minister. the attacks were a revenge mission for the general killing 500 people in operation blue star. this of coarse has had a negative effect on Sikhism and Sikhs alike. there are some people that say there are more extremists that are now hiding in Canada.

Sikh poem

Thy at old age, O Amar Das
showed the world its never to late.
To come into the folds of righteousness,
and reach the ultimate state of salvation.

Humility was thy bowl of virtues,
self-sacrifice was thy emblem till death.
As you served the house of Guru Nanak,
thou became as pure as the Guru Himself.

The Guru's word thou forever sang,
in obedience did thee serve Him.
When pleasing did thou become to Him,(Guru Angad, 2nd Nanak)
He blessed thee as the third Nanak.

When such illumination exalted thy heart,
as the light of Nanak filled thy body.
Thou wrote in bliss, God's divine words,
a Hymn forever, bringing eternal bliss

this poam is explaining that you are never to old to except god.

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