January Newsletter

We have been very busy learning in 2016 so far!

January has been VERY exciting and busy! Look at what we have been learning!


Since we have come back from Christmas break, we have been working very hard and getting through our religion book chapters. We have completed Chapter 8, which was all about The People of God. We are finishing up Chapter 9 this week, which is about the People of Prayer. Throughout these chapters we are learning about ways we can follow God and how we can build out relationships with Him. The Chapter 9 Religion Quiz will be Tuesday, February 2nd!


In math we have been working towards finishing up Unit 6. In Unit 6 we learned the partial-quotients algorithm for division, practiced using a full circle and a half circle protractor, used a grid system to find locations on various maps and we learned the traditional method to solve division problems. Students will be getting their study guides by the end of the week and the Unit 6 math test will be next Thursday, February 4th. After the Unit 6 test we will jump right into Unit 7 which is all about fractions and probability.

Social Studies

As we returned from Christmas break we have been doing a lot of Social Studies work in our Missouri Weekly Newspapers, along with reviewing the regions of the United States. While reviewing the regions we also reviewed and did some fun activities with the States and Capitals. On January 15th we had our first study trip, to the Steamboat Arabia Museum in downtown Kansas City. The students had a great time learning about and seeing artifacts from history, and we even got to meet one of the brothers, David, who helped with the excavation of the Steamboat Arabia! Throughout the next few weeks we will be focusing on the regions of Missouri. This is going to start the beginning of our study of Missouri!


In science we finished up our unit all about the Properties of Matter. We had our very first science test over a large unit. The students were allowed to use their textbooks and their notebooks to help them find all of the answers. In both 4th grade classes, we read the test aloud to them because there were some high vocabulary words on there. This large unit test was very difficult, so as 4th graders we need to continue working on those skills of looking up items in our textbooks. We have started our new unit, which is all about Heat Energy and Heat Transfer. This unit will span over the next few weeks.


We have finished our next class novel called The Family Under the Bridge. While reading this novel we worked a lot on making inferences, sequencing events and we even found examples of transition words to help with our persuasive writing piece. We will begin reading our next class novel, Shiloh, during the next week. We will continue working on making inferences, but we will also be focusing on point of view and we will learn about the antagonist and protagonist. Shiloh will be our class novel for the majority of February. Students will be required to complete a third book report for this quarter. Be looking for directions to come within the week!


In grammar we have been focusing on different types of verbs. The verbs that we will be learning about include action verbs, linking verbs and auxiliary verbs. With learning different verbs we will be looking at verbs in the different tenses such as past tense, present tense and future tense. We will be looking at appropriate spelling patterns that go with different verbs and their tenses.


The writing unit we have been working on since coming back from Christmas break is all about opinion writing and persuading others to agree with our opinions. We have read different books, articles and other persuasive writing pieces to help us get ideas. Each student should have chosen their topic and also should have completed their graphic organizer to help them organize their thoughts for their drafts. Over the next few days we will be drafting our persuasive writing pieces, and then we will work through the writing process. The final writing piece should be written in paragraph form and persuade others to agree with them.

Reminders/Upcoming Dates

Thursday, January 28th--CiCi's Pizza Night

Saturday, January 30th--Catholic Schools Week Mass at 5pm

Sunday, January 31st--Catholic Schools Week Mass at 9:15am

Monday, February 1st--Friday February 5th--Catholic Schools Week!

Monday, February 1st--Skating Party

Tuesday, February 2nd--Chapter 9 Religion Quiz

Thursday, February 4th--Unit 6 Math Test

Thursday, February 4th--St. James Open House from 5-7pm

Thursday, February 11th--Valentine's Day Parties at 10:45am and Noon Dismissal!

Friday, February 12th--No School!

Monday, February 15th--No School! President's Day!

Iowa Assessments and CoGat!


We wanted to send out the dates that we will be testing for the Iowa Assessments and CoGat. During this time we ask that you do not schedule any type of appointments and refrain from any other absences. Testing will be completed throughout the morning, and it is crucial that your child be present.

Below are the testing dates:

Monday March 14th, Tuesday March 15th, Wednesday March 16th, Friday March 18th and Monday March 21st.

Have a wonderful rest of the week and a great weekend!

Ms. Jones and Miss Cavaliere