Puerto Rico

By: Tizha Stephens


The geography of Puerto Rico is located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of the Dominican Republic and west of the Virgin Islands. And the Caribbean sea is so nice so if you wanna go take a swim.


Puerto Rico's population is about 3.6 million. So there are a lot of people in Puerto Rico and i think people should go there to add to the population.


Although Puerto Rican cooking is somewhat similar to both Spanish, Cuban and Mexican cuisine, it is a unique tasty blend of Spanish, African, Taíno, and American influences. Some of the food that Puerto Rico eat is Cocina criolla and this is a food that everyone likes. Some other soups and stuff that are from Puerto Rico is Garbanzos (chickpeas), are often added to give flavor, body, and texture to Puerto Rican soups. So I think you should visit Puerto Rico to try different then You don't get in a Philadephia or wherever you live.


Puerto Rico is a self-governing commonwealth in association with the United States. The original name is He named the island "San Juan Bautista. And you should want to go there to find out why the original name was what it was.


Tourism in Puerto Rico attracted 4.2 million visitors in 2013 and 4 million visitors in 2011, a notable increase over 2010 at 3.68 million, tourism has been a money revenue industry for Puerto Rico for a number of decades given it is host to diverse natural wonders.


On November 19, 1493 Puerto Rico was discovered by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to claim lands for the rulers of Spain, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. In 1493 the island was called Borinquen by the indians who lived there. Columbus named it San Juan Bautista.
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