Poem by: K.P.4

My poem

I opened my Eyes for the first time,

I loved my life from the moment it started,

My life was hard, To reach my goals I had to climb,

My father and mother were big hearted,

School was first,

College was next,

Then my job Paid me with my hard earned checks,

I bought A house,

Started A Family,

Raised them up,

Watch them accomplish things closeup,

My spouse Deceased,

It was a hard time but My kids,

Brought warmth to my heart again

The kids finnally got old enough to leave,

and they left.

I enjoyed my Time On the Earth,

Life is a battle,

You can win or lose,

The leaves in the wind rattle,

Thw wind whispers to me,

The clouds in the air dissapear,

I breath in the Fresh air,

I've Accomplished all the things I've Wanted,

Life just lost to me,

Now I Can Move On.