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Weekly Update May 2, 2016

Weekly Reminders


SC Ready Make-up Testing


SC Ready Make-up Testing

3:30-4:30 Faculty Meeting - Groves Wedding Shower

5:00 Track - Conference Championship Meet @ York

5:30 8th Grade Charleston Trip Parent Meeting (Chaperons @5:30, everyone else 6:00)

6:00 School Board Meeting


PTO Teacher Appreciation Staff Picnic

5:30 7th Grade Charleston Trip Parent Meeting (Chaperons @5:30, everyone else 6:00)


7:00 PM Chorus Concert in BTMS Cafeteria


8:00 PTO meeting (Including rising 5th grade parents) in Room B-104

Monday, May 9

8th Grade Math EOC exams

7:00 PM 7th & 8th grade Band Concert in BTMS Gym

Faculty Focus

Congrats to Keith and Kirk on their wedding day. Many blessings to both of you.

Phase one of testing (SC Ready) is now complete. With the help of Peggy, Kim, Harry, Amy and Travis testing ran smooth. Thanks for helping out where ever you were needed.

Thanks to Wendy and the cafeteria staff for all of their assistance with alternate lunch schedules and adjustments.

Finally thanks to all of our teachers for your willingness to be flexible during testing.

Thanks to Marc for making a new task run smooth.

Congrats to David, Kacey, and Jennifer for bringing home the Division Track Championship for both boys and girls. Great job coaching those students.

Congrats to Rachel for taking our girls soccer team to the semi-finals in the conference tournament. You had a young team, so we can't wait for next year!

Birthdays This Week!

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This Week's Birthdays

May 4 - Jennifer McGinnis

May 5 - Peggy Boone

Nuts and Bolts

Back on Schedule

Now that we are back to a normal week, we should be back on a normal schedule. The last two weeks, we have been flexible with extended black top time, etc. Beginning Monday, every grade level needs to stay with the normal schedule.

Student Retention/Summer School

If you have a student who is a candidate for retention. Please make sure you email me their name by Friday, May 6. Please remember you need to contact parents and let them know of this possibility. This should not come as a surprise to a parent.

If you have a student who may fail Math or English, they need to attend summer school. Please send me the names of any students who will (may) need to attend summer school. Again, parents must be contacted, receiving a summer school letter should not be the first time parents have heard of this possibility.

Technology Credit Renewal Information

Megan Mongelli let me know that many of you expressed interest in the SimpleK12 PD options for Teacher Tech Proficiency. Directions can be found on the district site or by clicking here:

Keeping in Touch

Last week, we had a difficult time getting a hold of teachers/students. Remember if you will not be in your classroom, please let Jefflyn know where you will be located. If you are outside, you must take a radio with you. I believe that since we will be back on a regular schedule this should not be an issue.

Placement of students for 2016-17

We are starting to prepare for 2016-17 student placement. I believe that if this is done right, it will help ensure that everyone has classes that really promote learning. I have been working with technology to develop a google doc that will help us gain valuable information about each of our students. As soon as the Student Information Sheet is ready, I will meet with each grade level to let you know how it works. It should not take very long to complete the sheet as most information is pre-entered.

SLO Reminder

Thanks for turning in SLO information. Marc, Sommer and I will need to conference with you before the end of the school year. Each administrator will be responsible for setting up their exit conferences with teachers.

2016-17 Student Schedules

6th and 7th graders will have information going home this week for selecting related arts classes for next year. On May 3rd, students will use student portal to sign up for related arts classes in their Social Studies classrooms.

This Week's Quote

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Timberwolves demonstrate:

  • Teamwork
  • Responsibility
  • Ambition
  • Integrity
  • Leadership