The Truth About Mood Disorders

By Olivia Krol

Depression is something you can just snap out of

REALITY: Depressive symptoms can last more than two weeks. If this occurs then depression can be diagnosed and help should be sought after

Depression only happens when bad things occur

REALITY: Causes of depression are genetics, life trauma, chemical imbalance of Serotonin in the brain

Post partum depression is an excuse for bad mothers

REALITY: the mothers tend to over worry about harming their child and the thoughts consume their lives to the point where they will not be near the child because they believe that they will hurt it

There are no treatments to depression

REALITY: medication and therapy greatly help manage depression

Antidepressants and lithium can help everybodty with a mood disorder

REALITY: medication only works for 65% of people. It has to be the correct type of medication otherwise it worsens the symptoms

There are no outward signs of dperession

REALITY: many people have a significant weight loss or gain, Stop caring about their physical appearance and how they present themselves, stomach or intestinal pains are also common

Having mania is fun

REALITY: When in a state of mania people are often irritable and make rash decisions that they later regret

No one hallucinates while suffering from a mood disorder

REALITY: hallucinations are a common symptom in many different mood disorders

Everyone who has Bipolar Disorder experiences it in the same way

REALITY: Some people spend a majority of the time in mania while others spend more time in depression. Also the speed of the cycles differs from person to person

Only people suffering from depression are suicidal

REALITY: Other mood disorders cause people to have suicidal thoughts or actions. Also a person does not need to have a mood disorder to be suicidal