It's my face, not yours

How does wearing makeup give you confidence?

All about me

Hi! My name is Pa Her and I'm a sophomore at F.L. Schlagle High School. I enjoy playing all kinds of different sports but my favorite sport is volleyball and bowling (if you consider it as a sport). On my free time I like to put makeup on for fun. I love makeup! I started wearing makeup in 4th grade and I've had a lot of experience with it. Some thing I dislike is worms and one of my biggest fear is losing my parents.

Essential Question

My question is how does wearing makeup give you confidence? I chose this topic because I love makeup and I've always have low-self-stem because of how I grew up. I've always had a hard time finding confidence in myself but when I started wearing makeup in 4th grade until now, I've realized that I've came a long way finding confidence. My makeup can look mean at times but trust me, my appearance doesn't mean anything. I do not wear makeup to impress others, I wear makeup for myself and that's how I get my confidence.

Explanation of Topic

What I already know about makeup is that it allows you to get out of your comfort zone and explore what you can do with your face. Most girls get their confidence from wearing makeup because that makes them feel comfortable. Why be someone you're not? I hope people will learn that you shouldn't let others bring you down because they don't like the stuff you like. You shouldn't listen to other's opinion if it's not important to you. I hope you'll gain some information about being positive and importantly gaining confidence.

My process

Loving is something we all need but you have to love yourself before others. "I love the confidence that makeup gives me" by Tyra Banks. I love this quote because it's something that I can always look at and can brighten my day. Even when someone puts me down by saying negative stuff about me wearing too much makeup or I don't match this or that. Makeup isn't bad if you know your limits, of course its a everyday routine if you wear makeup often but it's your face not theirs.

I find that the quote really helped my confidence a little more because you shouldn't wear makeup to impress others but yourself. Confidence is something we all need to find who we really are because if we don't who we are we wouldn't know what to do in live. It's always a good idea to try out new things, so don't be afraid to because there's always some people that will support you.


Here's a picture where you use different products for the face. It may seem a lot if you don't really know about makeup but it's really not if you know about it. Makeup is art and you can do whatever to your face so explore with it! There's really no way to how you start your makeup because we're all different and we think differently so you do whatever you think its best. I personally start with my foundation then my eyebrows, eye makeup, power, conturing, blush, and lastly highlights.
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This video talks about how she gets bully on social media and get negative comments about her face without makeup. She would received thousands of messages from people all over the world who are suffering from acne and self confidence. She made this video to show how social media can set unrealistic expectations on both woman and men. She said, "You are beautiful - no matter how flawed you feel, no matter how upset you may feel about the way you look or how you find it to make friends, or be confident. Believe in yourself, and never let anyone tell you you're not beautiful - not even yourself."


I chose these two articles because it talks about how makeup can give you confidence. Based on the article it says, "No one is indifferent to the image in the mirror". I found the text very inspiring because you shouldn't doubt yourself that you are someone who's beautiful inside out.


I chose these two article from the databases because it talks about having confidence in yourself and you don't have to do things to others but yourself. Be who you are and don't favor anyone to give you the confidence. You have to find it yourself.


Some of my survey questions I asked were: did you ever put some down by saying something rude about them wearing makeup? If so, why? Do you think wearing makeup is a bad thing? Would you like to learn more about makeup? I asked these questions because sometimes we say things to others that we don't really mean it but we just say it because it's out there. I learned that some of my peers would like to learn about makeup and they may or may not said mean things to some girls that wear makeup because they don't know how to blend in their makeup to match their skin tone. Something that surprised me the most is that they don't think makeups a bad thing but some do wear makeup to impress others and they think wearing makeup is not who they really are.

Future Steps

For my future steps I hope I'll stay positive and treat others how I wanted to be treated because they may see okay on the outside but really they're dying inside. Also, I would share it to my friends and families if they're in need of confidence. Because sometimes confidence is hard to find and easy to lose.


From this research, I've learned that nobody can change you but yourself. Nobody has the right to take your confidence away if you love yourself. I challenge you to be positive about yourself for a week and see if that change you to be more confidence about yourself. If you're someone who gets bully because of how you look, I encourage you to ignore them and tell yourself you're beautiful no matter what.