Daily Verona


Blood Stirring Streets

Yesterday the streets of Verona were set alight when a fight broke out between different members of the feuding families, The Capulets and The Montagues. In Sycamore Grove on a Tuesday afternoon, the Montague boys were together including Benvolio and Mercutio when Tybalt( a Capulet) approached them. The man known as The Cat simply asked for a word when Mercutio decided to provoke him further with the goading words "make it a word and a blow". The degrading language continued when Benvolio stepped in and tried to make peace but Tybalt and Mercutio apparently refused to back down.
It is to be believed that the Montague boys attended the Capulets masquerade ball a few nights before the incident. Tybalt noticed and was not happy. Tybalt wanted to clear the air and talk to the boys, specifically Romeo. When he noticed that Romeo wasn't with the rest when he payed a visit, he decided to talk to Mercutio instead. A by stander in the streets said "Tybalt was calm at first and just wanted to talk, but Mercutio wanted more action. They started provoking one another but took it too far which resulted in the two drawing swords and starting to fight".
It is to be known that the Montague family and the Capulet family have been feuding for years and nobody knows the real reason why. Many say it is because of an ancient grudge that has been passed down through generations. Just last week there was a brawl between Tybalt and Benvolio. It is to be believed that the servants from the Capulet house were venting their hatred for the Montagues when servants from the Montague house overheard. Benvolio noticed and drew his sword in attempt to stop the confrontation. According to witnesses, when Tybalt arrived and saw that Benolivo drew his sword he also drew his own. Benvolio explained that he was merely keeping the peace but Tyblat has a very strong hatred for the word as much as the hatred he has for the Montagues.
The brawl spread, which drew more people to the scene, including Montague and Capulet with their wives stopping them from attacking one another. The Prince arrives and commands the brawl to stop on penalty torture. The Capulets and Montagues throw down their weapons. The Prince then declares that the violence bewteen the two families has gone on too long, and announced a death sentence upon whoever disturbs the civil peace again. The Prince spoke more directly about this to Capulet and Montague. Capulet exited with The Prince and the people clear, leaving Benvolio with his uncle and aunt, Montague and Lady Montague.
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When Romeo entered the scene Tybalt stopped his childish games with Mercutio and began business with the man he wanted. Because of the provocative language use by Mercutio to taunt him, Tybalt, apparently, was no longer calm. There were two fatalities at the brawl, Mercutio and Tybalt after he fled and returned to the scene of the murder. By standers overheard Romeo expressing his love for Tybalt, but not being able to explain why. Eye witness accounts say "I was shocked to hear Romeos words. I didn't know the two families had such an unusual bond". Romeo arrived at the scene of the brawl and attempted to intervene in the brawl. Tybalt took his chance to kill Mercutio by lunging for the young man with a sword under the arm of the intervening Romeo.

Penalty Broken?

Knowing of the penalty enforced for disturbing the peace of Verona, Tybalt fled the scene of the crime. Romeo rushed over to the aid of his cousin who quickly cursed the two houses with a plague. He then took a sarcastic tone with Benvolio when he inquired into his injuries. Eye witness accounts report that Mercutio said "Ay, ay, a scratch: marry 'tis enough". After the initial crime, with his last ounce of strength, Mercutio sends Romeo on a guilt trip because it was under Romeos arm Mercutio was injured. He then proceeds to leave the scene to gain medical assistance for his wounds. Shortly after the initial stabbing, eye witness accounts describe innocent by standers beng confused with the events that had taken place. Benvolio then returns to the scene of the crime and announces that brave Mercutio had passed. A furious Tybalt returned to the scene of the crime to find an enraged Romeo announcing that he is willing to avenge his deceased cousin and will not be gentle anymore. A fight then breaks out amongst the two young men when Tybalt is slain with an unspecified injury. Benvolio then commands Romeo to flee the scene of the crime.
A city wide search is still ongoing for the Montague boy and anyone with any further information to come forth and assist The Prince in the capture of this cold blooded killer.

written by; Byddia Lewis