The Diary of Anne Frank


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Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a young journalists who lived in World War II. She had an older sister named Margot. Anne and her mom Edith and father Auto went into hiding in the secret Annex because Hitler was sending ALL Jews in the area he ruled to consentration camps and death camps. A couple of months later 4 others joined the Frank's in the secret Annex. They all hid there for 2 years in 1942-1944.

Theme 1

In The Diary of Anne Frank, one of the themes is that perservance is an important quality to have in a hardships. They did different things to preserver in the hard 2 years they had. Anne sung "Oh Hanukkah! Oh, Hanukkah! The sweet celebration..." (408). One of the ways the persevered is by keeping up with the holiday traditions. They celebrated Hanukkah. The Annex members remembered and did not give up on traditions and faith. Another example of perservance is having mouschi around. Anne was happy to have mouschi because she had to leave her cat back at home. Anne said "Mouschi! Mouschi! Mouschi! I love cats. I have one... I'm going to miss her terribly. (377). Anne perservered with dealing that she could not have her cat.

Theme 2

Another theme in the Diary of Anne Frank is that courage is important to have in a difficulty. After a robber broke into the store below them everyone was terrified and was panicking. During the panic Mrs. Frank stared to pray "I lift up mine eyes unto the mountains, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord who made the heavens and the earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved. . . He that keepeth thee will not slumber. . . "(408). Another example of courage is important to have in a difficulty is Mr. Kaler "He was standing staring at the bookcase. He said he thought he remembered a door there that used to go up to a loft? Then he told me he wanted more money"(415). Mr. Kraler pushed through not telling the guy and not having to pay but he kept to his word and did not tell anyone.
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Anne's symbol

I choose Anne and a symbol I picked for her is a diary. Anne received her diary when she was 13. She would write in her diary when she needed someone to talk to. Anne joyfully stated "A diary! I've never had a diary. And I've always longed for one. Pencil, pencil, pencil, pencil"(379).