Gmail Gems: Amping up Your Inbox

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Gmail Gems: Amping up Your Inbox

This module will provide you with some learning, tips and tricks to help streamline your inbox workflow. Please work through each section below. Feel free to skip around based on your learning needs!

*Please log in to your gmail, click on the gear icon in upper right and choose: "Try NEW mail"

Begin: Check out this Slide Deck link that highlights the NEW Gmail.

(Thanks Stacy Behmer)

Part 1: Explore New Features

1. Calendar: Notice the calendar icon on the right. You can click the calendar icon to see and schedule calendar events right within gmail and without navigating to a new tab.

2. Keep: This is my FAVORITE addition to the new gmail and now I can use Keep and gmail in one tab!!! If you have not jumped on the Google Keep "wagon" check this blog post out. Right within an email you can add a note and it auto-tags the email. When you open the Keep note and click on the tag it will directly open that email. Whether you are viewing notes, taking notes or copying text over, Google Keep integration in gmail is a WIN!

3. Tasks: To many of you "tasks" may have been a hidden option in gmail or one you have not used. Now with the new visual integration on the right side you can easily create and edit a task list. You can even drag an email over (from your email list) and it creates a task for you.

4. Review: Spend some time reviewing here.

5. Practice: Take some time to practice creating and editing calendar, keep and task additions right within your gmail.

6. Reflect: After taking time to learn, review and practice, please go to this link and answer the posted questions.

*Heather's note: I am not totally sold on tasks. I love Keep and feel it can be a "One Stop Shop" for teachers AND students.

Part 2: Gmail Settings

** Click on the gear icon in upper right of gmail and select settings

1. General: In the general tab you can adjust font, notifications, personal photo, email signature and vacation responder. Take a few minutes to add/edit your signature, image and notifications

2. Labels: Labels allow you easily classification of your mail. Similar to "tags" you simply label and email and by searching that label all emails in hat category will come up in your search. This is a great "hack" for organizing your emails.

3. Inbox: The inbox tab allows you to customize how your inbox looks when you open it. I love the section feature and viewing my unread mail in an upper section. Take some time to change your inbox to fit YOUR needs.

4. Themes: Click the Themes tab and HAVE FUN!! Choose a theme or add a custom photo!!

Bonus: Gmail Add-ons (advanced): Add-ons are applications that extend the functionality of your gmail.

Activity: From your gmail screen select the Add-ons button right below tasks. Feel free to explore various add-ons that may benefit you and your gmail needs.


1. Reflect: Please be sure to Answer the posted reflection questions here.

2. Please fill out this survey after completing the Gmail Gems activities.