Regina Jr Sr High Newsletter

Mid-October 2019

From the Principal

Hello Regina Community,

I hope everyone is adjusting to our new low temperatures (at least better than I am). I found some things that I wanted to share before the November newsletter.

I also wanted to send out notification of some access changes due to our construction in the back. Sometime in the next 2 weeks we will close access to door 12 (choir/locker room). Those parking in the back lot will have to enter/leave the school at door 26 (cafeteria) or door 10 (custodian office) while that door is closed.

Also, pay attention to notifications on the sign opposite door 10 and via Constant Contact. There will be a period of time when access to the back lot will only be possible via the 1st Avenue access road. Please plan accordingly as you cannot access that road by turning left from 1st Avenue.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Glenn Plummer

Upcoming Events

Monday, Oct. 14: 7-12 picture make-ups, fresh-soph football at home @ 6:00

Tuesday, Oct. 15: JH football at West Branch @ 4:15, 7-12 conference cross country @ Kickers @ 4:30, varsity volleyball conference tournament at North Cedar @ 5:00

Wednesday, Oct. 16: PSAT @ 8:00, 7-12 prayer service @ 2:15

Thursday, Oct. 17: varsity volleyball conference tournament at TBA @ 5:00

Friday, Oct. 18: Varsity football at home (senior night) @ 7:00

Monday, Oct. 21: Fresh-soph football at Lone tree @ 6:00

Tuesday, Oct. 22: 9th grade retreat, Board of Ed. meeting @ 6:30

Wednesday, Oct. 23: 7-12 Mass @ 2:15

Thursday, Oct. 24: Varsity cross country districts at Kickers @ 4:00

Friday, Oct. 25: 7-12 Service Day, Varsity football at Dike-New Hartford @ 7:00

Saturday, Oct. 26: ACT's @ 8:00

Sunday, Oct. 27: Run for the Schools

Monday, Oct. 28: Varsity volleyball regional at home @ 7:00

Tuesday, Oct. 29:

Wednesday, Oct. 30:

Thursday, Oct. 31: Varsity volleyball regional at TBA @ TBA

Friday, Nov. 1: All Saint's Day K-12 Mass @ 9:30, Varsity football playoffs at TBA @ 7:00

Saturday, Nov. 2: State cross country meet at Fort Dodge @ TBD

Book Challenge

Thank you for your efforts to encourage reading by your student. We are currently at 188 books read this school-year. Great job to everyone!
Camp Kesem at the University of Iowa 2018 - 2019

5 Characteristics of a Successful Academic Mindset

The following was taken from the Sept, 7, 2018 newsletter at

1. Passion - The best students love learning. They are passionate about increasing their knowledge and bettering themselves in every way they can. They often look up and research topics beyond what is learned and discussed in the classroom.

2. Courage - The best academics find ways to challenge themselves and show no fear in accepting difficult tasks. They join extra-curricular clubs, sign up for more difficult and demanding classes, and join high-achieving study groups. If they aren’t challenged in school, they take on additional learning opportunities outside of school.

3. Vision - Great students are optimistic. They always see a better future for themselves and have the vision to create steps that will lead them to that better future. Sir Ken Robinson said, “For most of us, the problem isn’t that we aim too high and fail. It’s just the opposite: we aim too low and succeed.” Vision means that you aren’t comfortable in your current success, rather you are constantly visualizing even better results for yourself and mapping out a plan to reach those results.

4. Resilient- There are many excellent, high-achieving students, but none that are perfect. Every student faces set-backs and obstacles. Set-backs do not separate the best students from the rest. It is all in the way they react. A resilient student remains calm and composed in all situations and bounces back from mistakes quickly.

5. Confident- The best students are confident in their abilities. They focus on their positives and do not put limits on themselves. They know that they will perform at their best in every situation and they believe that their preparation was sufficient to reach success at any level.