Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy is for the Better Good

Nuclear Energy Pros

  • Lower carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere in power generation.
  • Low operating costs
  • Known, developed technology “ready” for market.
  • Large power-generating capacity able to meet industrial and city needs.
  • Existing and future nuclear waste can be reduced through waste recycling and reprocessing, similar to Japan and the EU.
  • Can also cause more jobs for people to have.

Nuclear Energy Cons

  • Accidents happen
  • Radioactive waste

What I Think

Nuclear Energy will benefit People more in the long run. I say we keep using it to make life better. We use fission and fusion to provide power for space missions also. Accidents always will happen no matter what we do so we should just live with them and try to make peoples lives better. So many people could have jobs, 400 to 700 permanent employs is a lot. We need to help our people have jobs, and I say the risk of Nuclear Energy is not enough to stop us from improving our way of getting energy.