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This tip set is from Peri Nelson-Sukert!

"You may or may not have heard of Rocketbook ( This company was the first to make reusable notebooks (both microwaveable and wipeable) as well as notebooks that are integrated with the cloud – some being reusable and some being 1-time use. What I am writing about today falls under 1-time use.

The notebooks are not free, but the app (as long as you do not use any enhancements) and the PDF pages found on their website ARE FREE! The link goes to their Dropbox --

There is lined paper, dot grid paper, graph paper and staff (music) paper in the folder." (Nelson-Sukert 2019)

Let's Get Started!

Keep in mind, though, you want to keep your work stuffs in your work accounts!

Here’s what to do:

1. Download the app (iOS or Android). Find the link on the Rocketbook website

2. Create an account in the app using your APW email address

3. Set up your triggers from the bottom of the paper.

(By default icon triggers will go to the email address for your Rocketbook account)

4. Scan your document Click New Scan at the bottom of your app:

File Name your scans!

You can change the automatic file naming in two ways.

1. Before you click send you can edit the file name by tapping on it and typing in your own

2. on the sheet you are writing on at the top put ## your file name ## Write this in the top left corner of the page.

5. View your page at your trigger location: From email:

If you did not set a location but marking it on the page, you will be asked which location to send it to.
Big picture
Big picture

From Google Drive:

The PDF:

Big picture

BUT WAIT – THERE’S MORE AWESOME HERE FROM GOOGLE!!! See that Open with Google Docs piece at the top of the picture? I clicked it and this happened:

Big picture


(and from cursive too boot!! Print usually works even better!!)

It wasn’t perfect, but it is worth fixing the few letters rather than typing the whole thing.

So, I hope you find use for Rocketbook in your room – be it for notes, minutes, lesson creation, organization, a way for students to keep papers, and so on…

Happy Rocketbooking!

Nelson-Sukert, Peri. “Today's Tip - Rocketbook (Note: This One Is Image Heavy for the Info!).” Today's Tip - Rocketbook (Note: This One Is Image Heavy for the Info!), 27 Mar. 2019.