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Memorial Elementary Bobcat Bulletin 1-18 through 1-22-16

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Math & Science Night

Welcome back! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday and took some time to reflect on Dr King's vision. This is short week and we all know that short weeks can be the longest. I think it's because we try to squeeze in five days of learning. Continue to be mindful of the data as you are planning for instruction.

Math & Science Night is Thursday evening from 5 - 6:30 pm. The theme this year is Night at the Museum. I am so excited to see all that has been planned. Our PTA will be hosting a general meeting immediately after Math & Science Night. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

If you haven't already signed for a time slot for middle of the year goals meetings, do so as soon as you can. If you are being appraised by Sarika, click this link for the calendar https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CVac7kU9DEjoF-dAHhMe-n1K1JNgcOP7nQNR-2UDzsA/edit#gid=0. If you are being appraised by Sara, click this link for calendar https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eS1_xiA90WThFx8WsWV9A09pE1rwGAvzVrtBxViTgY4/edit#gid=0.

The MAP parent meetings were great. Our parents seemed to really understand the importance of their part with supporting their children academically. Please keep the momentum going. Communicate the positives often and continue to share how parents can help at home.

The sign up sheet for "Admin PDH" on Mondays after school is ready. We initially had seven topics as options, but now we are down to three. Everyone is expected to participate and when you select a topic you will attend four sessions. You can find the sign up sheet in the Memorial Folder and Monday PDH sub folder, or click the link to sign up https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D9T-RhVj1WK9LtZi6b70bZJn5pVgCDewG2uSxbxoWos/edit.

This is a reminder that "unknown" district personnel will enter the building using doors other than the main entrance. They will see how much of the building they can access before being addressed by staff and escorted to the main office. We got this!

Thanks everyone and let's have a great week!

That's HILARIOUS! Send your funnies my way...

A teacher asked a fifth grade when her mom was going to have the baby (back in November she seemed pretty far along). The fifth grader replied, "I don't know, some time this year." Oh, I certainly hope so.


Marisa, Mayra, Mirthis, Michelle, Anna, Bev, Seema, & Christy for making our parent night a huge success. The organization, materials, and format was perfect. Nadia, Martha, Cindy, Tera, Donna, Tiye, Crystal, & Carla for attending the parent night and showing support. Jessica H. for organizing our wonderful science fair. Jennifer E., & Veronica C. for making college week relevant and fun. Cecilia for facilitating our 1st penny war. In five days our PTA raised over $2000.

What's Happening!

1/18 - B-Week

1/18 - No School in Observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday

1/18 - Mid Year Goals Week

1/19 - Kinder Field Trip

1/20 - 2nd Grade Field Trip

1/20 - Staff Meeting 3:15 - 4:30 pm

1/21 - Feedback Forms Due

1/21 - Bobcat Visioning Meetings (K1,2,4)

1/21 - Math & Science Night 5-6:30 pm & PTA Meeting Immediately After

1/23 - Saturday School - Pride

Pride's Schedule

1/20 - Principals' Meeting

Happy Birthday

1/18 - Norma

1/20 - Pilar

1/24 - Maria