September 14th - first day of this brand new school year!

We are sure you have had a wonderful summer...

and look forward to the calm and sense of rhythm that Fall brings!

We will be here working outside on September 9th and 10th between 9am and 12pm

Feel free to come over and join us for these work party/play days!

Let's plant Kale, Chard and any other winter veges (or pansies!) - so please bring anything along those lines to plant with your child.

Bring your own food and refreshments as we will be outside most of the time and the inside will still be resting, waiting for Monday 14th!

Please remember that tuition is due on the 1st of each month starting September! The payment box/house is on the front porch!

Please make checks out to either Paula Lynam or Playful Concepts. If paying cash, just send us a text to make sure we are here to get it.
541-951-1580 Paula
541-840-8925 Dave (he is much better at answering his phone than I am!)
541-482-5543 School


We will be offering aftercare on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 2:30, (as last year) for an additional $8 per hour. Please email Dave to sign up. davenourie@gmail.com

Calendar and handbook are attached!

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