TimeLine challenges in the early US

Things that made it hard for the president From 1789-1792

First off president George Washington become president in 1789 and he gained the title. The first problem was that alot of money also the standing army took away peoples rights. This made it hard for George because he had really nothing to work with he couldnt by more stuff for his army or for the country and with nothing you cant do nothing

Challenges for George Washington in the 1793-1796


more facts and things that made it hard on George. There was many wars that didn't even include the US the problem was they didn't know witch side to choose. Sense George and the US didn't take some of the other country's sides they didn't like they us. These things made problems because seance they didn't like the they kinda treated them different and it didn't go to well.

Challenges from 1797-1800

George had announced the apostolic neutrality witch he didn't know witch side to choose because he really wanted nothing to do with any of it. Another thing is that George had to move to washington in his big new house witch could habe went really wrong it was a risk of being killed because so many diffrent people did not like him so it wouldev been just his luck if someone would have killed him on his trip

1801-1804 challenges

Aron Burrand Thomas Jefferson won the war. France and great britain seized the american ships. This was bad because alot of people were killed and ships were taken

More challenges for Mr. George Washington 1805-1811

The embargo stopped the trades witch meant they couldn't trade for anything they wanted or needed. Some people wanted war and some didn't and this impacted with George and the US because they didn't wanna loose and war and they didn't know if one was gonna happen or not.