Banff National park

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  • Established in 1885
  • The location is Alberta-park geocentric
  • The park is 6,641km squared

Important features of Banff National park

  • Rocky mountains is the natural region
  • UNESCO world heritage site (four mountains parks)
  • Sulphur mountain and hot springs
  • castle guard cave system and meadows
  • grizzly bear habitat
  • tourism destination of the park and the town of Banff
  • cave and basin marsh
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Impact of Climate change on Banff National park

Predicted change #1

The winter and spring precipitation will continue to increase

but the summer precipitation will decrease.

Specific Impact #1

The precipitation in winter is 29.9 mm which is said to increase to

36.7 mm. Summer precipitation will deplete from 240.8 mm to 200 mm.

Predicted change #2

Warmer temperature will melt glaciers at a rapid pace.

Specific Impact #2

Glaciers will drop between 770-3100 m in elevation

(southern Rocky Mountains).ex (Jackson Glacier and Taylor Glacier

Predicted change #3

The water level will decease because of run off being increased .

Specific Impact #3

Water runoff will increase by 21% near lake Louise

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By: Bilal Abdali