Health Care Options

By Zach Vick

Group Health Insurance

Is the most pouplar way people can get health insurance for themselves and their families. the cost of the plan is typically more affordable than that of any other because it can be managed.

Individual Health Insurance

often more expensive than other health insurance plans, often has a waiting time, and may require a medical physical prior to the policy going into effect.

Managed Heath Care Insurance

Often reffered to as managed care, care covereage where the insured have very extensive coverage and access to the nations best doctors and surgeons. covers about 75% of people that are covered by health insurance. There are 2 kinds:

Health Maintence Orginization: a managed healthcare programn that specicalizes in preventative healthcare, for a specified monthly payment or fee

Preffered Provider Originization: Incourages the insured to use providers such as specific clinics or hospitals for a discount.