The Glorious Revolution

Caitlynn Power

What was the Glorious Revolution?

The Glorious Revolution was a time period between 1688-1689 in England where the power was passed around. It was a constant battle of who was going to be the leader. To break it down it simply was the time when James II was overthrown by his son-in-law William III, because no one wanted James as their leader anymore because he was trying to claim all power.

How was Oliver Cromwell connected?

He was the ruler of England before the Glorious Revolution. His importance to the revolution was his death. After he died Charles II and James II were invited to England

How was Charles II connected?

Charles II was invited to rule England after Oliver Cromwell's death. His ruling caused many problems within the parliament, because he wanted things his way and tried to take away most of the parliament's power.

How was james II connected?

James II was the brother of Charles II. When Charles II came into power over England James planned to overthrown him. The people of England accepted James II becoming their ruler with open arms. It was not until later that the people turned against him, because he acted recklessly when he attempted to restore Catholic faith in England. Eventually his people turn on him and behead him.

how were william and mary connected?

Mary was James II's daughter. She married William III. William III was a prince in the Netherlands. He and his army were invited by the parliamentary opposition to overthrow James II. This was very easily won, because James II's army turned on him and Mary and William III ruled England together.