Team Pinkalicious Plexus

A team ready to help and serve others.

Hey guys!! This is the first edition of our Pinkalicious Plexus Team Newsletter! I will be using this format to send information for you all to learn about the Plexus Business! When you are ready to really get going on this business, it's important to know as much as you can!

This week, I have included three videos for you! They are ALL worth the time to watch.

First is the Products Overview video made my Plexus. This is a great way to learn about all the products we have...even if you don't use them...someone else may need it!

The second video is the Learn to Earn video that describes the compensation plan. Please get to know this plan so you are familiar with how you get paid!

The last video is a video that explains how and why you want to get to SILVER... This is the first rank and it's the first step to getting your business going.

I look forward to watching everyone grow in their business!

Learn To Earn - Your Guide to the Plexus Worldwide Compensation Plan
The Plexus Products 2016
How to promote to SILVER