Newsletter - week 3, Term 2

Term 2 Week 3 May 20th 2022


Tena Koutou, Talofa, Namaste, Hello and Greetings

What an enjoyable term we are having so far. Everyone in the classes are focused on learning, the playground is a great place to be with lots of fun and laughter. The weather has been amazing for us to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Last year I applied to the Ministry of Education for a sabbatical. There is only a small number given out each year and I was a lucky recipient of this for 2022. In Term 3, I will be taking my sabbatical and will be spending my time reading, researching and reflecting on this learning as well visiting a few schools around New Zealand. Part of a sabbatical time is for my own personal refreshment so I am also planning on walking many of the walks around Southland!

Since I will not be on site at East Gore in Term 3, I will be leaving the school in the capable hands of Miss Sarah Gilbert who will be Acting Principal and Mrs Hannah Coyle will be Acting Deputy Principal. We are also very lucky to welcome Miss Riley Kaio who will be joining East Gore in Term 3 to teach Room Rimu. Riley is currently teaching in Auckland but originates from Gore and she is ready to come home. Sarah will be supporting Riley in this transition so the programmes and learning will just carry on.

This is just a friendly reminder that we are all role models to all our students at pick up and drop off times. It is important that as adults we use the pedestrian crossing even if our little people are not with us. As a school community it is up to all of us to keep everyone safe and the safest place to cross outside a busy school is at the crossing.

We still have the odd number of Covid cases popping up in our school community. This is a reminder that if your child tests positive for Covid you need to let the school know as these numbers are reported to the Ministry of Education. The isolation time for positive cases and household contacts (who haven't had it) is still seven days. If you require any school work for your child we can pop some in your mailbox and lastly we have plenty of RAT tests to give out - just contact the office for them.

On Friday 3 June (the Friday before Queens Birthday weekend), the school will be closed for a teachers only. We try not to have to many of these days during term time but this one is. The staff will be busy on this day working on assessment reporting at the school.

Kia pai tō rā whakatā (have a great weekend).

Wendy Kitto


We welcome Arlo to Room Kauri this week. We hope you enjoy your learning days With us at East Gore.

Room Rimu Report

Senior Constable Fenton came to visit us this week to talk to us about road safety. We learned a lot! After his visit we measured our heights to compare ourselves to 148cm. 148 Centimetres is the height you need to be to not sit on a booster seat if you are under 7 years old. We also learned that if you are over 7 years old it is recommended that you still sit in your booster if you are shorter than 148cm. We will be able to tell you all about this at home.

This term we have started doing chapter chat. Miss Gilbert reads us a novel and we complete tasks related to this. Chapter Chat is done by Room Rata and lots of other classes around the country. We have just started a class twitter account so we can answer the questions and post our work.

We are very excited about our writing because we are writing letters to the Tip Top factory to persuade them to make some new flavours that we have created. We have come up with such great flavours that the staff at school have said they would buy. Through this writing we are learning the art of persuasion, and how to convince someone to agree with us as well as how to write a position, use sentence beginnings to organise our ideas. What would your flavour suggestion be?

Dear Tip Top,

Firstly, I love your creamy ice cream. I have a suggestion for a new flavour. Caramel with caramel sauce and caramel chocolate. It’s just like your caramel ice cream but with caramel sauce and caramel chocolate. Caramel ice cream is boring on its own.

Secondly it will be popular because caramel is yum. A new flavour that you have never ever tried before.

Thirdly, you will make more money. People who would like to try new things will buy this new ice cream. If you put it on special people will buy the ice cream and won't stop buying it because it's so good.

Finally I have given all the evidence you need to know that you must make caramel with caramel chocolate and caramel sauce ice cream.

From Indy

Dear Tip Top,

Your ice cream is so good I think you should try my new rocky road ice cream. It has caramel on the outside, crushed cookies inside with vanilla ice cream.

Firstly it will be popular because people like caramel.

Secondly it will be popular because people like crushed cookies.

Thirdly it will be popular because people like vanilla ice cream.

Finally my rocky road ice cream will save you money because people won’t need a whole lot of ice cream because it is so sweet.

From Rene

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Koha Kai - Week 2 lunches

We thought we would share what a our school lunches consist of - we are sure you agree that our students have had lovely lunches this week and hopefully this gives you a good indication if you think your child requires extras in their lunch box.

A healthy snack and morning tea are the only items you need in your lunch box.

We encourage all students to have a "3 bite try" before saying they don't like it.

Cross Country 2022

East Gore School Cross Country is going to be held on Wednesday 1st June, starting at 2pm.

There will be two different races this year, one for those who are wanting to be considered for Eastern Cross Country, which is held out at Waimumu the following week, and a fun run for all students in our school.

The competitive race will be held for students who are 10 years or older as this is the age groups that can run at the Eastern Zone Cross Country. This race will be held on the streets around the school and will finish on our school field. The competitive race will be the first race of the day.

The fun run will be held on our school field. Students will run around an obstacle course. Parents are welcome to join in with the fun run. Students are allowed to go around the course as many times and they want. This change is to make exercise and movement more fun for everyone.

Please make sure your child is wearing mufti clothes suitable for running this event... they might even get a bit muddy or colourful...

We look forward to sharing this day with you and hope that you can make it along (and the weather plays its part)!

Blue Light Obstacle Course Fun

Board of Trustees Corner

This year see's the Tri Annual BOT elections. If you would like to know more about what is involved in being on the board please contact the office to organise a visit to our next.

Ken Willetts - BOT Chairperson



Term 2: May 2nd - July 8th

Term 3: July 25th - September 30th

Term 4: October 17th - December 15th

Public Holidays:

Queens birthday June 6th

Matariki June 24th

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Thank you to our great volunteers Emma & Co, Grace Church team and Phillip for your help with allowing this service to be offered to all students. If you would like to help you would be most welcome - more the merrier.

Breakfast Club will open in the hall at 8.35am and finish at 8.50am - weetbix followed by toast will be on offer.



We are unable to heat up lunches for students at lunch times. Staff use this time getting ready for the afternoon programmes and having their own break. We appreciate your support by not sending pies/noodles etc to school. School lunches are provided to every student in the school.


Headlice cases have popped up across the school this week. If you could all check your child/rens hair and treat if necessary. We appreciate you help with the control of this.


If your any student is unwell we will ring home to ask them to be picked up.

Ministry of Health guidelines say that students must stay away from school 48 hours after the last vomit or diarrhoea episode.

Upcoming events

20th May - Pink Shirt Day

2nd June - Cross Country

3rd June - Teacher only day-school closed

6th June - Queens Birthday Public Holiday


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