Cherie Mondrella

Hello Class!

I work at Moose International, Inc.

As the “Director of the Heart of the Community & Activities,” my efforts will benefit Mooseheart Child City & School, but will also help numerous other causes. Some of these include: Our elderly residents in need that we have taken in at our “Moosehaven City of Contentment” retirement community in Florida, "Moose Charities," "Special Olympics," "Safe Surfin’" program, "Moose Riders" (an entire community of Moose members who do motorcycle rides to benefit the many causes we serve), Scholarship programs for youth, and the "Tommy Moose" program that helps kids recover from traumatic experiences.

I hope to learn new ways to achieve my goals in this class!

I need to learn how to motivate the masses.

It is my job to motivate the 1,600 lodges to participate in these programs and to perform community service, and to structure a program by which they get recognized. I am also in charge of the Moose members’ recreation activities and sporting events that generate additional revenue for our causes, such as Bowling, Pool, Golf, and Poker tournaments, Karaoke contests, and even exotic cruises – the next one’s in Hawaii! The Moose members are at the core of generating revenue for all of our causes as they pay to participate in these fun activities. Many know where the money goes, but many do not. I’d like to fix that, but it is a very difficult task to reach and motivate so many members internationally.