Beautiful Blue Whale

Emma Kaufman


Picture this… The biggest creature on Earth cutting through the ocean at 30 miles per hour during short bursts. Flapping its “V” shaped fluke up and down.The Balsenoptera musculus has no trouble swimming underwater with its long, slim, and narrow body. You may be wondering what the Balsenoptera musculus is. Does the name Blue Whale sound familiar? This aquatic animal has a fascinating diet, wide ranging habitat, and attractive appearance.


In conclusion, the diet, habitat, and appearance are super important to the Blue Whale. A steady diet helps this colossal critter stay healthy. A nice habitat helps this aquatic animal survive. Appearance helps this marvelous mammal get through the water, eat, and be able to live in the ocean. In my opinion, I think that the Blue Whale is an exceptionally excellent part of the seaworld.

Think Tank

In the Think Tank I used my information about the Blue Whale and completed different activities that made me think outside of the box

Word Wall

This is a Word Wall of key words an phrases that are important to the Blue Whale.
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Comic Strip

Below is a three panel comic strip with information about the Balsenoptera musculus.
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Below is a free verse poem about the Blue Whale.

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In my diorama I have a Blue Whale, Coral Reef, Seaweed, an Octopus, a Seahorse, a Clown fish, a Shark, a Dolphin, a Crab, a Sea Turtle, and a Jellyfish.
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Go Fish!

I really enjoyed the workshop "Go Fish!" The theme of my fish tank is the Little Mermaid. I have two Elephant Ear Halfmoon Betta fish which are two inches each. I also have two Elephant Ear Delta Tail Betta fish which are two inches each as well. I will need eight gallons out of twenty gallons of water to support my fish. I had $250 to spend and I spent $204.99. I spent $124.97 on decorations and necessities for my fish tank and $79.96 on fish. I have $45.01 left. I'm really happy that I stayed within budget and I'm even more happy with my decisions and choices.


These are images of the Little Mermaid, the Elephant Ear Halfmoon Betta, and the Elephant Ear Delta Tail Betta.
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These following videos are extras about the Blue Whale.
Amazing Blue Whale - the Biggest Whale in the World!
Blue Whale Drone Footage: Swimming With The World's Biggest Animal