Volcanoes are safe places

Volcanoes are safe places to live near. Volcanoes sometimes are dormant and never explode and you can live peacefully in Hawaii. If a volcano explodes the lava is slow coming down the mountain so you can get prepared.You also know when the volcano is coming because there are tools that geologist have to predict if the volcano is erupting or not.

Getting prepared for a volcano

  • get working radio
  • have a way to get away
  • have a medical kit
  • volcanoes only erupt a couple times a year so its not that bad
  • magma makes volcanoes explode but their has to be a lot of magma for the volcano to explode

other interesting facts

  • the hottest type of lava is 2,140 f
  • the lava can also melt iron, gold, and silver
Geography Lesson: What is a Volcano?