Jesse Carlson


Airfare cost and schedule

The time it would take to get to Sweden from Westminster Colorado will take me over 2 days (60h 45min) just to get to Sweden and to get back another 2 days (55h 45min). It will take 3 stops to get there the 3 stops are Tokyo, Japan, Osaka, Japan, and Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Each ticket cost around $11514 and with regular food supply and anything else to keep me ocupied will cost around $60.

Overall total: $23587


From April 5-March 1st I will at Sheraton hotel. It can hold up to 400 guests and grants pets in the hotel. It also holds 2 restaurants in the hotel and 24 hour room service. Another thing in this hotel is that technology is in every room in this hotel including flat screen Televisons and internet access in every room. Therefore my stay at Sheraton hotel will be marvelous.,Stockholm,Sweden-c9880-h60078-details/2014-04-09/2014-05-05/2guests/expanded/#overview


First: I will go to the highest ranked attraction the Vasa Museum. One thing in the museum is their shipwrecks in the world.

Second: After the museum I will head to the Djurgarden The most popular park in Sweden. I will also be able to see some wildlife at Djurgarden as well.

Third: Once I'm done with Djurgarden I will head to Stockholm Old Town one of Stockholm's most populated areas in Stockholm. I will also be able to get a tour through out the entire town.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

There are a good amount of things to be worried about for instance one thing is that racism is still a major problem in Sweden many people are trying to stop but there are just a few keeping that problem alive. Also traveling to Sweden with the luggage You can have your bags stolen but you can try to stop it by getting to the luggage pickup before anyone else. Another thing is that the salesmen in Sweden because compared to regular stores they will make you go bankrupt if you buy from them.


On this trip I was able to get one of the best flights, an amazing hotel,and going to the number one attraction The Vasa Museum where I can see their best attraction the shipwreck exhibit, Djurgarden where I saw tons of wildlife and got to just get away from the worries of the world, and to finish it off I went to Stockholm Old Town and got a tour through nearly the whole town and got a few souvenirs while I was there. Then I got back on the plane and finally got back to Colorado.

About the traveler

Some facts about me are that I would actually want to go to Sweden to see all of their attractions mostly to see their top attractions. Also I would like to go to any country out of America. Finally I enjoy traveling because I enjoy to see what people in other country's do.