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Don Tyson School of Innovation - July 22, 2020

Ready for Learning

I hope our DTSOI families are healthy and enjoying the summer. I wanted to take this opportunity to begin communicating about the 2020 - 2021 school year. Most of you know the Governor announced last week that our start date has been pushed back to August 24, 2020, allowing more time for planning and preparation. The new school calendar and other updates about the reopening of schools can be found at Select "Reopening of Schools" and scroll down to "Back to School Information." Our superintendent, Dr. Jared Cleveland also posts updates that are linked under "Updates from the Superintendent."

Don Tyson School of Innovation has always offered blended, virtual, and face to face learning options for students - this is who we are at DTSOI. We have expanded our virtual program to include Kindergarten through 5th grades. DTSOI is the Springdale School District's only full virtual option and our block scheduling lends itself to blended if a family wants students to attend fewer than five days.

I am confident in DTSOI's structures and systems to support onsite learning, blended learning, and full virtual. We are blessed with amazing faculty & staff who are working every day to prepare for a new school year that may not look like years past but who are dedicated to making the 2020 - 2021 school year amazing for your student.

Learning Options at Don Tyson School of Innovation

In order to best serve your student, we need to confirm your plans for the 2020 - 2021 school year. Please review the learning options below and use the attached form to make any changes to your learning plan for the next school year by AUGUST 5, 2020. Each option requires a one-semester minimum enrollment commitment.


Safety is at the forefront of everyone's mind as we move closer to the beginning of school and conversations at the local and state level continue about best practices. I want to share some things we are working on at DTSOI to promote a safe environment.

  • We are blessed with a new building opening in August and we are looking at spaces and ways to socially distance students/teachers as much as possible.

  • Springdale School District will require all students and staff to wear masks.

  • We are sharing a school supply list so that students have their own items to minimize the sharing of materials. It is linked below.

  • Springdale School District will provide extra custodial support to sanitize the building and surfaces throughout the day.

  • We will promote learning opportunities outdoors so students can socially distance 6 ft. or more and have time without a mask.

  • We are creating new procedures for staff and students that promote social distancing.

  • Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout hallways and zones.

  • Directional arrows and 6ft. markers are being placed on the floor in key locations

New Student Orientation

New 7th - 12th Students - August 12th and 13th

New 6th Grade Students - August 18th & 19th

VIA (virtual) Student Orientation - Week of August 17th - 21st

We will be sharing a link for you to sign up for safe, on-site small group tours/orientation in our August 3rd newsletter. Online orientations will be available as well.