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Using C.A.R.S. to think cricically

As we migrate towards 1:1, critical thinking about information on the web is super important. The 8th graders have been given the C.A.R.S. acronym to help them think Credibility, Accuracy, Reasonableness and Support. To further the work of getting all students to slow down and think critically before using information found on the web, the library now has a Web Evaluation Tool linked to the library website. Students can open this tab first, then begin their research. Prior to using a website, they can complete the form and then consciously decide if this information seems credible. I get feedback on every form completed.

Collaboration Zone is Open for Buisness

Last year was the first for the Collaboration Zone. Several teachers begin using it creatively with their classes to help them delve deeper, think creatively or publish work. Here is a link to possible classroom uses for the CZ. When not used for classes, the CZ hosts a 3D Printer, Lego, a Deconstruction Zone (students take things apart), games and more.

Library Advisory Council Looking for Members

It's been several years since we have had a LAC and I forget that often what I think students want and what they actually want are two different things. This year I am resurrecting the Library Advisory Council for students interested in having a voice about what our library offers. We are seeking representation from all grade levels and will meet during Rocket Time. Click here for an application or interested students can stop by to see Mrs. Webb.

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