The Differentiated Classroom

GT Book Study 8/3/14

The teacher does not have to differentiate everything for everyone, every day.

Differentiation may be used at check points throughout the unit.

Excellence is defined by individual growth.

Not all studens will end up at the same place of excellence.

The teacher needs to be a learner also.

Try things that you are not an expert at. Failure leads to success.

Accept all as they are.

Don't expect them all be alike!

Make things relevant.

Apply lessons to today and make connections to things they understand.

Discipline is more covert than overt.

Teach clear guidelines and expect students to follow.

Instructional techniques need to be varied.

Don't teach the same way every day. Use variety to keep things interesting.

Cooperative groups often fail because they are run by those who are "good at school" and those who are not, let others take over.

Find positive contributions by those who are not "good at school" so others can see them in a new light.

Orbital studies p. 73

Seems like project based learning!
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Grow slowly, but grow!

I've got to change how I've always done it!

Step back and reflect.

Collaborate with others about what worked and what didn't and needs to be changed for the next time!