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Student of the Week: Fiona Austin

This week students presented their "Math in My Career" projects. They were to give a short presentation on what they want to be when they grow up and how math is used in that career. I did this so that the students could find meaning and understand why they need math to succeed in the future.

While all the students did WONDERFUL, Fiona Austin in Ms. Then's homeroom went above and beyond showing great effort and excitement for this project.

Below are a few photos from her project.

She is an excellent student who demonstrates the A.R.T.S behavior everyday and is always bringing a lot fun and personality to the class.

Math Carnival Night and FREE Chicken Dinner

Tuesday, March 24th, 5:30-7pm

241 Merrimon Avenue

Asheville, NC

Please join us for out annual chicken dinner and learn strategies your child is working on it math. Each grade will be playing a game, and you can even take it home!

All families who attend the carnival will recieve a homework pass from your child's classroom teacher AND be excused from homework the night of the carnival!

Dinner will be served the whole time! Feel free to come to the math carnival before or after dinner.


The homework may seem thick but it is not all work! There are two lessons with assessments following. The lessons are 5 (Multiplying and Dividing by Powers of 10) and 6 (Reading and Writing Decimals). Each lesson has examples and explanations so students should be able to work on this independently. This should be review from the beginning of the year and of the past few weeks. If additional help is needed please follow the links below for video explanations.

Powers of Ten:

Reading and Writing Decimals:

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