Rebels or Heroes?

By Jon Wesolek

Once one person has an idea it sparks a fuse.

In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry and Delirium by Lauren Oliver the rebels and Jonas spark a fuse of dystopian thoughts. Like in The Giver and Delirium utopian society cannot exist if certain people are not willing to become apart of the society.

When they are not willing the perfectness fades away. To illustrate when many citizens were in love they did not want to get cured. For example, "Countless uncared dragged to their procedures so racked by love" (Oliver 3). This quote demonstrates how they are trying to get everyone cured because love was considered dangerous but lots resisted getting curved. Another example is when Jonas received memories and he thought it was not fair everyone should no them. For instance, "In the middle of the night before the ceremony" (Lowry 198). In this quote Jonas explains his plan to travel to elsewhere so his memories will be released to everyone. Which is very dystopian in their society.
In conclusion, if one person has a dystopian idea it can cause a utopia fall apart. A utopian society can exist but whether the people are willing to is a different story.