Sheridan Hill SHines

October Updates 2020

Half Day Schedule for the Year

The following is the finalized schedule for half days this school year.

Half Days:

· 11/20: AM Attendance Only 7:50-10:30 (no PM cohort)

· 12/11: PM Attendance Only 11:35-2:15 (no AM cohort)

· 3/12: AM Attendance Only 7:50-10:30 (no PM Cohort)

· 5/14: TBD

· 6/11: PM Attendance Only 11:35-2:15 (no AM Cohort)

Halloween Festivities

Halloween is just around the corner. Sheridan Hill will adhere to the following guidelines for Halloween festivities. They are as follows:

    1. Costumes are allowed only if they can be worn to school (no changing into costumes at school)

    2. Only masks that we wear every day are acceptable, no additional Halloween masks are to be worn

    3. Please do not send any goody/treat bags into school.

    4. There will be no parade this year, but classes will be enjoying some classroom fun!

Although we are not taking part in some of our traditional fun, we are excited to try new and different ways to celebrate the season!

** Our SH PTO is sponsoring a Virtual Pumpkin Decorating Contest this year! Check your child's folder for the flyer. It can also be found by clicking the attachment below! **

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If your child is going to miss all or part of the school day (in-person or remote instruction), you must call and inform the school’s Attendance Clerk.

* If you are a remote learning family, you must contact the attendance clerk at your homeschool (not the school in which your child’s teacher is housed).

Please contact the school’s Attendance Clerk for any of the following:

  • To provide the school with an excuse for a student absence (in-person or remote)

  • To inform the school of an upcoming student absence (in-person or remote)

  • If the student will be leaving school early (in-person or remote instruction)

  • If the student is going to miss part of the school day and will return/ log on for some of the school day (in-person or remote)

  • If the student is having connectivity issues and cannot log-in to attend class (remote)

Attendance Clerk Contact Information:

Sue Gilbert: 407-9270 or

Welcome Mrs. Curtis

Please join me in welcoming our new school nurse, Mrs. Penny Curtis, to Sheridan Hill.

Mrs. Curtis attended nursing school at Niagara University. Before moving to Buffalo 17 years ago, she worked in Rochester (Victor) as a home care nurse and in a regional hospital on orthopedics, pediatrics, and cardiac floors. Mrs. Curtis has been working as a nurse in Clarence Schools since 2006. Starting out as a substitute nurse, she most recently was the full-time District-Wide nurse for the past five years. Having been in the district for a number of years, Mrs. Curtis is well versed in the programs and protocols used at Clarence and specifically at Sheridan Hill. Welcome Mrs. Curtis!

Remote/Online Learning

In the event a class, cohort, or the school must turn to virtual learning, please read the following information regarding online expectations and conduct:

Students will utilize the necessary technology to regularly and effectively communicate, receive instruction, interact with the class, and comply with the work requirements of the class.

  • Teachers will track participation via daily login into Schoology, our Learning Management System, as well as attendance in live video conferencing sessions to verify student interaction with class postings and requirements. In addition, compliance with course requirements, such as completion of assignments and assessments, will also be used to verify “attendance” and participation.

  • Students must meet the work requirements/expectations in a timely fashion (meeting deadlines to the best of their ability) and reach out to the teacher when experiencing difficulty with the course material or meeting deadlines.

Live Conferencing Sessions

Video conferencing and live group chats are essential components of the virtual or online learning process and help to provide connectedness of class members. As with the use of social media, students are required to adhere to policies outlined in the Student Use of Technology section and observe the following expectations regarding virtual and/or online meetings.

  • Students should be on time to live conferencing sessions scheduled by the teacher. Teachers will be monitoring attendance at these sessions.

  • Ensure that your technology works properly and that you frame your camera correctly. You should be set squarely in the frame so that you can be easily seen and heard.

  • Good online etiquette is vital to a productive and supportive online learning environment. Students are to behave in online sessions or activities as is expected during an in-person class. The following applies to all online communications:

    • Dress appropriately for learning. Follow the dress code requirements.

    • Be mindful of inappropriate surroundings or potential interruptions to the session. Choose a location that is quiet and has a neutral background.

    • Sessions scheduled by teachers are intended for use by learners in that classroom, and should not include students who are not part of that group or class.

    • Be polite, respectful, and tolerant of views expressed by others. Keep comments used in discussions and chats on topic, appropriate, and constructive to the learning of the class.

In addition to these expectations, teachers may establish guidelines specific to online or virtual learning in their individual classrooms. Students are expected to adhere to these guidelines as outlined by their teacher.


You may contact our cafeteria to remove yourself at any time