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YEAH!!!! SCHOOL is going to start .... somehow! in a variety of ways, and we are going to knock it out of the park for our kiddos. I'm feeling a little sappy and deeply grateful for you all and the trust developed and growing among us.

Congrats to Mrs. Bailey! (I might have to keep putting this out there so we can all get used to calling Kaitlyn by a new name.)

Best wishes to Rachel Harry and family. She has made the tough decision (because of Covid) to take a leave of absence for this school year. We will miss you Rachel! and your girls too.

WELCOME to Christel Philip - our new-to-Penn school nurse. We'll be sharing her with Garner, Van Allen and NCJH.


K: Calderwood, Meyers and Strunk are all teaching the students with STANDARD enrollment

This may change based on enrollment, but for now we'll have 3 sections of standard kindergarten

ILT - Val

1st: Clemence and Rose will teach students with STANDARD enrollment

Hemann is moving to 1st and will teach the Online Program

ILT - Jen

2nd: Cupp and Dick will teach students with STANDARD enrollment

Glick is will teach the Online Program

ILT - Carrie

3rd: Chabal and Luense will teach students with STANDARD enrollment

Bonnet will teach the Online Program

ILT - Nicole

4th: Roberts and Shive(moving to 4th) will teach students with STANDARD enrollment

Durband will teach the Online Program

ILT - Angie

5th: Bisgard/Kidwell and Duthie

Butler will teach the Online Program

ILT - Jenny

6th: Newell and Whitlock will teach students with STANDARD enrollment

Krueger will teach the Online Program

ILT - Jodi

ILT rep for Online Program teachers: Salina

Coming into the building next week

Teachers, you may come into the building to work as you need to beginning Monday morning, August 24. Be aware of the alarm system.

Do not enter the building if you are not feeling well (duh) :)

Maintain social distancing and wear a mask. Follow expectations outlined in the Health & Safety document below.

Do not bring other people into the building.

Custodians are in the building between 7 and 5:30 M-F. They are happy to help. Clearly a big task will be removing furniture, so bring your patience with you.

Paras and support staff, please call or email me if you need to enter the building before August 31.



Overview of week of August 31

The overview link is a district schedule, I'll develop a more detailed one for us next week.

PARAS: you will work on Monday, August 31.

I believe the Zoom Meet and Greets (replacing Ice Cream Social) will be the late afternoon/ evening of Thursday, Sept 3.

I will do my best to leave Thurs. and Friday as open as possible.


Health & Safety

TECH for kids

All students will be provided with a device (1:1). Online Program kids will pick theirs up when they receive their supplies/books/texts, etc

PK students - ipads,

K-1 students - touch-enabled Chromebooks,

2nd grade students - will receive touch-enabled devices when they are available but many will receive standard Chromebook.

3rd - 6th grade students - standard Chromebooks



Here is an ICCSD explanation of practices that will be followed this year in your library. Although some routines, rules, and procedures will look different than usual, every effort will be made to accommodate the needs of all learners and patrons as we enter this most unusual school year.


Stay alert to your email .... info is coming constantly now.

Below is a list of annual training that must be completed by all district employees. All training must be completed no later than the end of the business day on Wednesday September 30, 2020. It is extremely important all staff complete these MANDATORY training as soon as possible as there is no flexibility with this deadline. Those who have not completed the training by the deadline will be placed on unpaid administrative leave.

You will receive an email no later than Friday August 21 containing a link to access the materials.

User name: lastname.firstname

Password: last 4 digits of social security number

If you have any questions or experience troubles, please contact your building administrator, department supervisor, or the HR office.

Required Trainings

· ICCSD Bloodbourne Pathogens

· ICCSD Confidentiality Statement

· Student Privacy Rights (FERPA)

· Restraint and Seclusion

· ICCSD Food Allergies

· Social Media

· Discriminatory Harassment

· Bullying Prevention

· Restraint and Seclusion

· Implicit Bias and Cultural Responsiveness

· LGTBQ Students – How to Provide a Safe, Supportive Educational environment

· COVID-19: How to Protect Yourself and Others

The following trainings are also required by the Department of Education and should be completed through the AEA Online Learning System:

· COVID Health and Safety Issues (teachers and staff)

· COVID Health and Safety Issues (administrators)

· Suicide Prevention & Postvention

· Identification of Adverse Childhood Experiences

· English Language Proficiency Standards

There will be two additional videos to review:

· ICCSD Safety Training Video


Looking Ahead

Sept 3: Meet & Greet zooms (times are staggered between 3pm and 8pm and are still be finalized)

Links you'll need