Army of Medieval Japan

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Fact 1:

  • Samurai were taught Bushido at a young age. They also got taught to place bravery, honor, and loyalty above all else.

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Fact 2:

  • The title of the shogun was a commander of all of the emperor's military forces.

Fact 3:

  • The clothing was mostly bamboo, cloth, and metal.

Fact 4:

  • There were mainly three swords: the Katanas, the Wakizashis, and the Tantos.

Fact 5:

  • They were not a organized army.

Fact 6:

  • The Katanas is a long sword with a single edged curve blade.

Fact 7:

  • The Wakizashis which means "side arm" is a short sword with a curved blade.

Fact 8:

  • The Tantos is a dagger.