Lord Of the Flies Project

Period 1 Josh Carney


In the book Lord of the Flies, Ralph and his group act like republicans because Ralph got voted by the people/kids of the island to be leader. In a republic the people vote for a representative to make and enforce the laws. "Ralph counted, "I'm chief then" With the vote of the people Ralph was able to call himself chief. Jack wasn't able to get voted to be leader so he made himself a leader almost and split himself from Ralph's group. Jack and his hunters is a Monarchy government setup since jack is basically the ruler or king. In a Monarchy it consists of a ruler or king or queen. "Jack and the others paid no attention" in this quote Jack and his followers could care less about what Ralph says now because they are in there own group.

My Own Island

If I were to have my own society, I would want it to be a Oligarchy government. An Oligarchy government is ruled by few and not just by one or none. I would want to have more then one leader so that it wouldn't just be one person making the decisions, it could be two or three making a group decision. As part of my government there would be a chosen 5 people of the town and then from there on would be a vote from the civilians. Even with the 2-3 rulers of the government there would also be a step down almost like vice presidents and there would be 4-5 of them which would get chosen by the main 2-3 presidents/rulers. In this government there would be no wrong doing. Any serious crimes it would be straight execution and and minor crimes would be a heavy punishments. The way we could enforce this is to have guards called the "Punishers" they would be well built and equipped to handle anything and everything that could go on. They would be chosen by the 4-5 vice presidents/rulers.


1. You can't kill anyone or there will be immediate execution

2. Respect has to be given to everyone whether you like them or not

3. Anything told by the President/Ruler you have to do

4. Share the wealth if you get an animal kill share it

5. Help others with whatever needs building shelter and what not

6. No one can break off and start a new group

7. No picking on each other

8. When the President starts talking you listen

9. No weapons when meeting or talking with the president

10. Weapons have to be Ok'd by the President

11. Do not draw weapons near protectors as in they will kill you

12. Make sure every one has gotten something to eat by the end of the day

13. When talking to judge don't have any attitude

14. No drugs or alcohol

15. If found with drugs or alcohol held in jail for 2 weeks

ISIS - Infighting

Recent tensions, power struggles and even executions within the Islamic State’s ranks of foreign fighters signal fractures within the extremist group, after its militants were defeated in the Syrian city of Kobani. Although the Islamic State also known as ISIS or ISIL retains a firm grip on swaths of Middle Eastern territory, the group appears to be on the defensive in Syria for the first time, suffering blows from U.S. led coalition airstrikes, fighting on the ground and mistrust among its own members. Tensions among foreign fighters within ISIS have emerged over different national backgrounds as well as administrative and financial issues. The Islamic State group has executed at least 120 of its own members, the majority of whom were foreign fighters trying to flee.

Baltimore Police Vs. Surrounding Community

In the actions right now of the Baltimore Community there is no actual reason for this rioting except for a person or too thinking there getting there freedom out of this. The Baltimore police are not doing anything wrong, they just are trying to control the area and the people of the community. The Governor needs to talk and get the community to understand and without that I think that the police have every right to take out one by one.
Police: Rioters looting at Baltimore mall