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What you should know:

We want the best for everyone! We believe that a strong central government is best, AND IT IS! The Articles are very weak and they are not working. They are ineffective!

What we Believe:

We believe that the National Government needs to be stronger. This is the only way it will be able to function. With a strong government, we can control states that are not as cooperative. We also think that that men with experience should govern. We want the ratification (confirmation) of a New Federal Constitution. Once again, we only want what is best for people. Even if they don't know it is best.

Some Background Information:

We want you to be able to know all about us! So here is some information about how all of this started:

Delegates joined together to present their new Constitution (Philadelphia 1787). Nine out of thirteen states needed to agree to abandon the new Articles of Confederation. We would trade the Articles for a national Constitution and a strong federal government. But some didn't want a new constitution. So two groups were formed; Federalists and Anti-Federalists. We ended up gaining control all over!


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