By:Arely Valles

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Let’s get started on fishing. Fishing is a fun activity to do with your family and friends if you have nothing to do. It’s very fun and exciting! Here’s how to get started!!


To be prepared to go fishing, you have to get your equipment ready. You will need bobbers, a pole, hooks, clippers, a net, and a first aid kit (optional). You will need bobbers to keep track on where you casted out. You will obviously need a pole to even go fishing. You will need hooks to be able to catch a fish. You will need clippers so, if you catch a fish and you have it in your hands and the hook is stuck in its mouth you will need to cut the line with the clippers, and put a new hook on. A net is optional to take but if you do, you will need to use it if you catch a big fish and its close to you, you can just scoop it up with the net. You might or might not want a first aid kit but if you do bring one and you are getting ready to cast out and you put to close to your body and the hook gets stuck in your body you will already have the stuff to get it out. Well, you have your equipment.

Catch a fish

This is what you use to catch a fish. You can use tiny fish or insects. Some fish are very picky about what they eat and some just eat whatever they want. A lot of fish eat bait, worms, crickets, minnows, pieces of bread, or you can trick the fish and put a plastic fish. In all the lakes there are mostly blue gill (type of fish) in the water so I’m going to tell you what they like to eat, blue gill like to eat insects, plants, fish eggs, small fish, snails, and they love WORMS!! Before you go fishing stop by the fishing store and get some fish food!!

Where to fish

Do you know where to fish at? Before you go fishing a lot of people ask themselves “where am I going to fish at?” Well here some ideas, you could go fishing at the lake, the ocean, bays, rivers, and streams. Make sure you prepared!


Do you know what to wear when you go fishing because you don’t want to be cold or hot? Clothing depends on the weather, so you should check the weather before you fishing. If it’s cold you should wear layers of clothes, if it’s hot you may want to wear shorts and a shirt. You can also wear extra stuff too, like hats, sunglasses, etc. Always wear the right attire.


Everyone wants to be safe when they go somewhere, right? Well here’s how to be safe when you go fishing. First you should always check the weather before you go fishing, cause if you go fishing on a boat out in the middle of the lake theirs a 30% chance that you will get struck by lightning(if the storm is really bad). Second you should always have your fishing license. Third, if you’re on a boat you should always wear a life jacket. Finally have FUN and be SAFE!!!!

Biggest fish

Can you guess what the biggest fish is; it is the…Mekong giant catfish!!! Its weighs 646 pounds and it is 9 feet long!! Not a lot of people can catch this fish. They are only in certain places!


I hope you learn a lot about fishing in this article. All you fishing lovers (like me) this would be a good article for you!


Layers-a single thickness of material lying between others or convering a surface.

License-legal permission to do or own a specifed thing.

Bay- a body of water partially enclosed by land but having a outlet to the sea.

Mekong-asia flowing about 2,600 miles from southeast China to sothern China sea through sothern vietum.

Attire- clothing

fun fact-fishing with a rod and a reel is also calles angling.