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a closer look at our week

100 Days Smarter!

We had an amazing morning celebrating the day the one hundred way! We counted our collections by tens, compared sizes and weights, made a 100 piece snack mix, created crowns with 100 stars, and drew portraits of what we might look like at 100 years old. Zero the Hero even brought us a package covered in zeros. Inside we found rings, certificates, and his cape and mask. We tried it on and posed like superheroes for a picture. It was a day full of counting and fun!
100th Day 2016

Career Day

Thank you for your support in preparing your child for career day! The presentations were well-done and it was evident that the students had prepared thoroughly. We loved hearing their ambitions, ideas, and excitement for what is to come. The students came as everything from doctors to deep sea divers and we know they have the potential to accomplish it all. The future looks bright for this group of kindergartners!
When I Grow Up...

Chinese New Year

Even with so much excitement in the week, Chinese New Year did not go unnoticed. On Monday, we read about the holiday and watched an interesting video about the history of the holiday. Then we made dragon puppets to welcome the Year of the Monkey and paraded through the school in celebration. Finally, each student was given a clementine as a gift of good luck for the year to come.
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Valentines for Our Senior Friends

Last week, the kindergartners asked all the grade levels to make valentines. On Thursday, we took those valentines to a local retirement home and passed them out to the residents. The students loved offering the cards and wishing a happy Valentine's Day. The smiles on both young and old friends were priceless. Kindergartners saw first-hand how their gifts blessed others and how they can make a difference in the community by giving.

Snapshots from our Valentine's Day celebrations...

Valentines Day 2016

Upcoming Dates and Reminders

  • 2/22 - Last day to turn in Jump Rope for Heart donations. Don't forget employer matching programs. If we meet our goal, Blitz (the Seahawks mascot) will come to our school!
  • 2/24 - Kindergartners "move up" to 1st Grade, 10:30 -11:15
  • 2/26 - Subway orders due
  • 3/2 - Read Across America Day
  • 3/3 - OPT Meeting, 6 pm
  • 3/4 - Pizza orders due