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March 8, 2019

Haiti Passion Project

I am Lania from Mrs. Wallace's class.

Did you know it is almost one month until spring vacation? My family and I are doing something extra special. We are traveling to the country of Haiti, where I was born. Haiti is very beautiful, yet a poor country. The children need our help. They told my mom they really need backpacks and peanut butter. Can you help by donating a new or gently used backpack and a fresh jar of peanut butter? We will be collecting these items until the 22nd in a box by the front office.

Thank you TCE cardinals and together we will bless Haiti!


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TCE Riley Mini-Dance Marathon

This week a permission form was sent home regarding the TCE Riley Mini-Dance Marathon! It will be held on March 15th in the gym here at TCE from 3:50-5:00pm! This Mini-Dance Marathon is a chance for TCE students to help fund pediatric cancer research and child life specialists at Riley Hospital. Permission slips and possible donations must be returned by March 8th. They are asking for a $5 donation, but students may collect more money if they would like! Further details are included in the permission slip that was sent home!

Southeastern Swim Club!!

Come join the fun! We are located at Hamilton Southeastern High School Natatorium New member evaluations/tryouts are being held:

Tuesday, March 12th: 5 - 6:30pm

Thursday, March 14th: 5 - 6:30pm

Monday, March 18th: 5 - 7:00 pm

Wednesday, March 20th: 5 - 7:00pm

Saturday, March 23rd: 9 - 11:00 am

Evaluations take approximately 15 minutes and a member of the SSC coaching staff will meet with you immediately afterwards to recommend placement with our programs, we also offer swim lessons. It is not necessary to attend each evaluation- simply pick one that is convenient for your schedule. If you are unable to attend these dates or would like additional information, please email Heather Streett at

Yearbooks are on Sale!

Yearbooks are on sale! The cost of the yearbook is $16 per book. To order a yearbook this year, you will need to order online at . We will not be accepting cash or checks this year. All orders are due by March 22nd. To place an order online, enter in the code 36760V. The yearbooks will be shipped to TCE and passed out to the students near the end of May. Happy ordering!
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Background Checks & Anti-Bullying Video

All who desire to volunteer, chaperone fieldtrips, or eat lunch in the cafeteria must have an approved background check on file and complete the Anti-bullying video. Background checks are good for 3 years. If you have questions about your background check, please contact the TCE office @ (317) 594-4310.

Mark Your Calendar!

March 14th: 2nd Grade Choir Concert (only for students in choir club)

March 15th: TCE Riley Mini-Dance Marathon

March 16th - 17th: HSEArt Show - come see the artwork of students at all of our HSE Schools at this district art show from 2:00-5:00 at FHS

March 21st: Rock Your Socks to bring awareness and to celebrate the joy of diversity on World Down Syndrome Day

March 21st: Spring Picture Day!

March 22nd: PTO Movie Night

March 29th - April 7th: No school - Spring Break

April 10th: 5:30-7:00 PTO Pancake Dinner, Book Fair is open, and young author books are on display in our gym

April 28th- Hamilton Trace Senior LIving Visit

*Just a reminder that we have early dismissal every Monday so that our teachers can continue their learning.

Related Arts Schedule for Next Week!

Monday, March 4: Day 3 - Music

Tuesday, March 5: Day 4 - Art

Wednesday, March 6: Day 1 - P.E.

Thursday, March 7: Day 2 - Global Study & Library

Friday, March 8: Day 3 - Music

We are Learning


This week students practiced identifying and finding the meaning of Literary, or figurative, Language. This week's focus on figurative language was on wordplay. Collectively, the students created the following shared definition for wordplay: a word, or a phrase, that has different meanings. I encourage you to ask your child how he/she would define wordplay, to gather how he/she interprets this concept.


This week we continued learning about opinion writing. This week we started writing our 2nd opinion letter, about a favorite book, to another friend. The focus for this letter is to make our writing stronger, longer, and more convincing. We learned that writers can use multiple topics to better convince their audience to consider their opinion. This week students worked hard at implementing the many of the following book topics in their 2nd letter: retelling their favorite part of the story, retelling an important part of the story, inferring character traits after taking a deeper look at the illustrations, and/or sharing their favorite character's traits.

Word Study

Next week students will be given a new set of words to study. Feel free to practice those sorts at home in one of the following ways:

Repeated Sort: Students will sort their words. Then check their words using the answer key. Then sort their words again!

Draw and Label: Students choose 10 of their words. Then they will draw a picture of each world and label it.

Blind Sort: Using given guide words, or headers, students spell or write in words in the correct category as a partner calls each word aloud without showing it.

Writing Sort: Students write their words under the correct category.

Speed Sort: Students sort words quickly under the correct categories (use a timer to see how fast they can do it!) Students love to beat records and to set goals for themselves.

Word Hunt: Students hunt through their own reading and writing for words that are additional examples of the sound, pattern, or meaning unit they study!

Buddy Sort: Using the given headers, students sort their words with a partner, then discuss. They will then check their work with their answer key.


This week we finish Unit 4 which included the following topics: time, measurement, expanded form, and base 10. To learn more, ask your child to represent 324 in base 10 (3 hundred, 2 tens, and 4 ones) and expanded form (300 + 20 + 4 = 324). To take it a step further, encourage your child to then share with you what 100 more than 324 would be. Next week students will start unit 5 which includes the following topics: adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers.