Child Safety eLearning Lesson

Human and Child Development

Lesson Objectives

You should be able to identify safety hazards for children around your home, recognize emergency situations and plan appropriate responses.


75 minutes

Office Hours = 8:10 am. - 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. - 2:30 pm.



Child Safety at Home


I would now like you to look around your house and list all of the safety hazards that you can find. Some of them will be obvious and others will be hard to find. Please find as many as you possibly can.

Now I would like for you to take your list of hazards and for each one of them I want you to tell what you would do to fix the problem area. For an example the first one on my list is that I have a lower kitchen cabinet that I have filled with cleaning supplies. So my suggestions to fix that problem would be. (1.) I could put a child proof lock on the cabinet door. (2.) I could move the cleaning supplies to a higher cabinet. (3.) I could move the cleaning supplies to a room that the child does not have access to.


Please answer the questions below: After you have finished answering these four questions you are done with this lesson.

1. Why should you put an infant or young child in a car safely seat?

2. What are three dangers that would arise from the fact that infants often put things in their mouths?

3. Name two situations that you might call the poison control center.

4. What do you feel that the most important responsibility of a caregiver would be?