Home Sweet Shelter.. wait what?

having a shelter while in the wilderness is pretty sweet

shelters will keep you sane and protected

In the wild, you may panic when you realize you are alone.. but survival is about staying calm. Having a shelter is a huge way to keep yourself calm and sane while stranded. Also, shelters will protect you from the harsh weather in the Tropics. The heat, rain, humidity and sometimes hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons call for strong shelters to keep you dry and safe.

To make a shelter you first need a..

correct shelter location

  • has materials you will need to build the shelter
  • large enough area
  • level area
  • can be seen by search parties and able to let you signal
  • hidden from wild animals
  • not around poisonous plants
  • insect free
  • near water if possible

dangers of choosing an inadequate shelter location and or shelter


  • wild animals
  • no water
  • insects everywhere, insect bites
  • poisoned by plants
  • never found due to low visibility from sky

shelter type:

  • too small
  • very hot
  • doesn't protect from elements

materials that are used to make a common "lean-to" shelter (which is shown to the left) include...

steps to making a "lean-to" shelter

  1. place trees or poles against 2 stable, tall trees to create a base
  2. lean or bend the vines and saplings onto the base and threw the beams
  3. when framework is all set up cover with leafy branches, large leaves and foliage to help keep the water, sun and wind out
  4. use leaves and grass as bedding inside if you want to

there are many other shelters you can create in the wild, but the "lean-to" is reliable and easy to build