Who Is Author Ericka Stafford

And Should You Get To Know Her

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What about me?

Well for starters I am a avid reader who's love of reading made me start my own book review site Hottest Urban Fiction Reviews it's there where I review some of the hottest books in urban fiction as well as give you some HOT author interviews. My love for reading created my second love which is writing and from that love I have written my first book The Glamorous Fall which will be out later this month through One Karma Publishing but the writing doesn't stop there because I also write for Urban Grapevine Magazine which also keeps us up to date on what's going on as far as black authors

What Does Ericka Do?

And Why Does She Do It?

I am glad to be able to do what I love and it also brings me joy helping authors gain the exposure they need for there books.

Writer @ One Karma Publishing

Writer @ Urban Grapevine Magazine

C.E.O @ Hottest Urban Fiction Reviews

Guest Writer for The Chosen Ones magazine

How To Contact Me!!!!!

I can be contacted through numerous ways but my email is the best.