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Paradise Retirement Village

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People often are at a crossroads for choosing the way they wish to spend their golden days after retirement. The place to choose for living, the location, the standards of service provided, etc are the factors that are usually seen being confusing and exasperating for a simple task as choosing the lifestyle after retirement.

The Paradise Retirement Village takes care of all these worries, and many more. This is a best and most affordable rental retirement village in the entire southern Australian region. This is the only rental retirement living facility that offers the perfect combination of comfort, safety and community.

Paradise Retirement Village

The Paradise Retirement Village is a completely family-owned and managed rental retirement living facility which is located conveniently within the north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide but far enough (around 10 km from Adelaide CBD) from the hustle and bustle of the big city lifestyle. This retirement community facility is well-committed to provide the highest-quality of assisted living services for seniors at the most affordable cost.

Services and Facilities

The Paradise Retirement Village is the representation of a strong and well-oiled retirement community where every member is a like-minded individual.

It emphasizes the need for building a strong community of responsible citizens through organizing various activities such as shopping trips, social outings with community members and family, mystery bus tours, sun room for tanning, well-stocked library as well as on-site laundry room along with a huge and spacious community Dining Room.

Living Options and Care

The Paradise Retirement Village understands the need for retirees to have comfortable and homely living accommodations during their retirement days for reducing the efforts to move around much, hence the accommodation options are designed so as to be efficient and comfortable for the needs of a retiree. Every studio suite or single-bedroom apartment at the Paradise Retirement Village from Respite Care in Adelaide features attached bathrooms. They all have a small kitchen-sum serving area, thus reducing the effort to move around unnecessarily in a large accommodation facility.

Every suite and apartment is serviced with a weekly linen valet and cleaning service on demand. For residents who wish to manage their own, there is a round-the-clock laundry area in site. The full time manager is responsible for handling all your medical and social liaisons, from organizing visits by your family and friends to arranging for regular medical appointment and after-care.

The Paradise Retirement Village is convenient as it is located quite close from the Adelaide CBD and offers the choice to either rent the accommodation or they can earn a ‘License to Occupy’ as well. There is a 24-hours emergency calling system connecting every room with the administration office for added safety and convenience. The Paradise Retirement Village by Respite Care in Adelaide is fast on track to becoming the choicest and most sought-after rental retirement living service provider in the southern Australian region today. The strong community ties amongst the residents and the warm hospitality and care provided by the management makes this the leader in affordable and efficient rental retirement living.

Paradise Retirement Village

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