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Dear BASE Families,

Welcome back! We appreciate your patience while we got the Counseling Corner up and running again! We have some new folks in our department this year and want to take some time for you to get to know us. Please make sure to read the whole newsletter for updates about College & Career News as well!

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Thoughts on transitioning back to school...

It's difficult to convey how joyful it is to have students back in the building! Seeing all those smiling eyes, hearing their daily banter, watching the excitement when they connect with old friends and teachers does a heart good.

But we all know that this has been a long "break" from the normalcy and routine kids had two years ago, and it will take a while for their stamina to build up again. Be aware that you may see many highs and lows as the excitement wears off, and some fatigue might set in in as they navigate this new 5-day a week world along with other activities.

Things to support this transition back to school for your children:

--Understand they may need more down time at home after school. To jump back into full-day school along with after-school activities is a huge leap for most of them. Be aware that they may need time before adding more on their plates.

--Check in with how they're doing with their school workload. Do they need extra support from a teacher? If so, don't hesitate to email teachers or counselors with your concerns! It's much easier to find solutions to challenges early on than when things feel totally overwhelming.

--Back to the basics of self-care: Are they going to bed at a reasonable hour? Are they eating enough? Do they do something non-school related each day to decompress and get a brain break?

Understand this transition will look different for every student, so the best thing to do is keep talking to your child to see how they feel about being back. We are so glad to have them here!

College & Career News

Seniors, Ms. Wilson and Mr. Fosmark will be in senior English classes the week of September 21st to go over the college application process! Please email them if you have specific questions about your applications.

Don't miss the Paying for College webinar, hosted by ECMC on September 28th at 6 pm.

FAFSA opens up on October 1st! Be sure to get your application in as soon as possible!

Paying for college webinar

Tuesday, Sep. 28th, 6pm

This is an online event.

upcoming events

Free Virtual Workshop: Transitioning back to the classroom

Thursday, Sep. 16th, 6pm

This is an online event.