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New Teachers Tech Up with the Tech Trio

On September 1st & 2nd new teachers attended their first of four technology trainings for the school year! The focus of the day centered around the district technology initiatives of effectively using Mac and Google in the classroom. All new teachers were given training on advanced Gmail features to help them become more efficient and organized. In addition, teachers learned different ways they could create a digital presence to connect to their students, parents, and the community. Secondary teachers were provided training on how to become a power user for Learning and Teaching with the Mac. We are looking forward to seeing the new teachers again on November 10.

iPad Collab Day - Learning & Leading

The first iPad collaboration day was full of sharing, learning and creating. The day began with an EdCamp style, which means no presenters, no agenda and a variety of topics. Teachers that were interested in sharing their expertise on a topic put their name on a board. This allowed teachers, who were interested in learning about the various topics, to float around the room and learn from their colleagues. Topics that were covered included Schoology, project-based learning and creation with the Osmo. What better way to learn than from other teachers that are already versed in a topic or tool and are willing to share their tips and tricks!

In the afternoon we lit the fire and had a great collaboration with Don Goble (@dgoble2001) via Google+ Hangouts. Don is an Apple Distinguished Educator who is known for his expertise on digital storytelling using the Six Word Story. Don shared specific examples on how to incorporate these stories into all types of classrooms. To learn more about this great strategy check out this blog post.

Xerox Copy Machine: The Ultimate Tool to Create PDF

Need to digitize some paper? The Xerox machine is the ultimate PDF generator. Simply choose the e-mail feature, scan, and the PDF is sent to your e-mail account!

Check out this #tt4t video and give this new tool a try:

Google Tip

Google Docs: Have a great font, color and size in your doc? Want to make other text look the same without having to highlight the text and change each of those accents? Why not use the Format Painter tool?

  1. Click inside or highlight the font that has the style, color and size you want to copy.

  2. Click on the format painter icon.

  3. Drag across the text selection you want to change to that font you love. And voila! All of the formatting (color, size, font) is magically painted on this new text as you drag your cursor across the selection.

Appy Time: Digital Portfolios

Living in the digital world that our students are now a part of makes it easier than ever to document and share student work using digital portfolios. Below you will find two apps that will allow your students to independently document and share their work with teachers and parents.


Click here to download from the app store.

Fresh Grade

Click here to download from the app store.

K-6 Website Update

The K-6 Website is in the process of being updated. If you have any websites or resources that you want linked on the site, fill out the following Google Form.

Update on BYOD

A number of teachers have already taken off with BYOD at both East and West as they are finding new ways to leverage technology to increase student engagement and learning. Whether creating online content in Schoology to support student learning, getting their students blogging, or creating formative assessments teachers are taking advantage of the technology their students bring to the classroom on a daily basis.

Tweet Time--Tweets From Those You Know

Use Twitter to be connected! If you are a tweeter, remember to tag your tweets with #bpsne and #tt4t so more teachers can see what is happening in your classroom. Sharing is the name of the game! Remember there are lots of great chats to explore to connect with others in your content area. Just pull up the hashtag and enjoy the conversation.
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Code.Org Workshop

Are you interested in learning more about coding in the classroom? Check out this awesome opportunity to learn more about coding! Join us at the Code.Org Workshop.

Techie Tuesday

Looking for a great way to add a new tool to your teaching toolkit? Join us for Techie Tuesday coming up on September 22, 2015!

Topic: Documenting and Reflecting with Video

How does visual creativity enhance the learning experiences? Come learn how to create and edit movies that tell a story and document learning. Develop strategies to share, collaborate, and personalize learning while becoming proficient with iMovie, YouTube, playlists, and other multimedia tools.

Ring the Belle

Join us for a morning sharing, learning, and growing at our first ever unconference, RingTheBelle! This personalized PD learning opportunity is coming on October 3, 2015!

Registration is OPEN! Click HERE to register for this FREE learning opportunity!

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Meet the #tt4t Technology Team

District Technology Trainers

Jeanette Carlson

Twitter: @mrsjcarlson

Ann Feldmann

Twitter: @annfeldmann1

Jeffrey Bernadt

Twitter: @jeffreybernadt

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