Solar panels


Facts and information

Fact 1: solar panels are a renewable resource that can save the

non-renewable resources and renewable resources can be reused

Fact 2: we only need to pay for it once and the rest of it will all go in energy in the light bill and everything else will be less money to pay for in the future.

Fact 3: we could also not have to worry about wifi not working becouse of energy

Who will install it and do we need permission?

We do need someone to install it because you have to hire a contractor and you want them to be put in correctly and give you the amount of energy you need. To maintain the plan we will need to talk to the installer and get some information about when it needs maintenance and necessary cleaning. We will need approval from the school board and the superintendent and ask them to interview the installer and see if they have enough experience and know what they're doing.

Pros and cons


It can help us with electricity or heating

We can have a better environment

It would be helpful to have it in our school

Less electricity bill


It could take a long time to build

We have to have builders

We would have to pay for the solar panels and builders

Is it beneficial?

Yes, because we use a lot of electricity in our school and it can help with that

Is it worth it?

It is worth it because it can help us with electricity and can make a new change in our school we also have lots of technology and use lots of electricity.

The cost and how many do we need

Having solar panels can reduce our bill by one-third in three years

The cost will be $18,445.30

To get the money we could have a bake sale, have a talent show

And a lot of fundraisers we will be saving $ 17,978 each year

We will need about 11,000 solar panels for the whole roof


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